A Gift..


Beauty is lost if you choose to be blind

it’s a gift unwrapped for any to find

it’s there before you waiting for praise

it dances and shimmers counting the days

for a time well hence when none cannot see

that Beauty is in all and all that shall be

Beauty is in birth, in love, life and living

it’s not in non-caring, non-loving non-giving

As a pearl inside you, it grows as you gain

a knowledge of truth, where Beauty shall remain.

dark beauty

LadyP © 2010



23 responses to “A Gift..

  1. Hi Lady P,
    I tried to get the tophat for you but she flashed her sharp little bat teeth and scared me off lol. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Big hug, Nikki


  2. beauty is something we cannot refer to with any of our 6 senses .. it is something that is seen and assimilated then appreciated on a degree of likes and dislikes. it can be of any color, word configuration, geometric line or curve, or size or shape, just to name a few, but i believe that beauty has more to do with “Love” than anything else. there must be that adoration for the object therefore there must be a deep yearning own or capture that beauty in one sense or another in order to transfer said beauty into something that we can apply to one of our senses in order for us to build on the appreciation… see smell touch feel and so on..this is how i ‘feel ‘ about beauty.. this gives us the opportunity to explain what and how it effects us in different ways.. its like candy.. everyone has a different ‘taste’ for it..


  3. Wow – I hope you are getting these poems published! Fabulous!


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