Quen Anne Wing chair

The old chair sighed with regret as it stood

by the  huge fireplace, cold, dark and musty,

waiting long years as worms chewed it’s wood

and the Library became spider webbed and dusty.


Generations had used it’s comfort times past

mischievous children carving initials in the wood

but none came now, only dark shadows were cast

it seemed life had said it’s farewell for good…


But wait, a sound, a voice through the gloom

was it a memory?  perhaps it’s waiting was done,

and as footsteps came into the library again

the chair hoped to bear the weight of someone…


The voice was kind, it seemed somehow to care

then warm hands brushed the old dust away

from soft leather cushions, no sign of wear

the chair sighed no more, it had a purpose today…

LadyP © 2010


19 responses to “Waiting….

  1. The art of waiting…thanks…Love, c.


  2. Love this one,xPenx
    Peace to you,


  3. Ahhh, that was nice, I wouldn’t mind that chair for myself it looks real comfortable, I can’t seem to get comfy when I’m at this computer, so, if it’s looking for a home….


  4. It feels good to be needed — nice, Pen


  5. The nostalgic rebirth of an old chair from bygone days , great imagery
    Ian aka Emu


  6. May we all find a purpose today! 🙂
    Love and hugs!


  7. I like this one Lady Pen, but of course I like all of your wonderful poems, you have a lovely style that keeps the readers glued to their own seats… Now how wicked is that? Have a delightful Tuesday and be GOOD okay? lol

    Androgoth XXx


  8. this is so great…how are you dear lady pen?
    hope all’s well with you?
    much love,shiva xxxxx


  9. I read as still Happy Holloween!
    Enjoy your day, Hi to Bess:-)


  10. I am with Prenin here as I could not say it better…” May we all find a purpose today”!
    I have wondered if such objects miss being useful. I know I get sentimental over some objects. 😀
    Good poem, got me thinking again…


  11. Lovely Pen makes you think indeed it does. I will take you up on that tampering thing Pen, mmm very interesting thank you. Hugs Sheilax


  12. thank you soooo much for the comment my sweet friend!
    love n hugs,shiva xxxx 🙂


  13. Hi Pen! 🙂
    Yeah it’s sloooowly happening, but good to see the old gang again!
    In some ways it’s a lot easier to use WP than Spaces, but I miss a lot of the functions – maybe WP will provide them in time, who knows???
    Have a great week hun – it’s cold and VERY wet here at the moment!!!

    Love and hugs!



  14. I’ve never read any of your words without being drawn into the picture your painting, such a beautiful journey!
    Pen.. I know I haven’t been around much, but your never far from my thoughts.
    Some time ago I decided to go back to Uni on a p/t basis to study art and at the moment I am more than knee deep in exams, I love doing this but it feels like it requires just about all my thoughts. I’m nearly through them and I promise that my masterpiece..”Metal Medusa” will be replaced by something a bit more pleasing to the eye and imagination “)

    I always love your company and your words Pen,

    Garry xox
    p.s. your space looks beautiful!


  15. Nice one loved it touched me
    to wait to do something important
    or to do ones best
    or simply to do what we love to do
    times we all wait


  16. Hi Pen thank you for the Link Ayesbury ducks, yes indeed I think you are right, Lovely little duck. Have Mallards only and Moorhens on our large pond. A lot have flown off it seems that this years brood have stayed with mum. Thank you again Hugs xSheila


  17. My favorite piece of furniture is my oversized lazyboy recliner! It’s so nice to drink tea in in the morning, read, watch tv, use the laptop…etc. Exhausted from work… awwwwwwww it is just so relaxing! It NEVER has to worry about being neglected… and I have no intentions of having it replaced.
    Wonderfully written!


  18. Aaaaw Great Poem Pen! XXX


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