My thanks to you all for your comments and best wishes with regards to my Bess… She’s rallied and is now eating as normal, and of course playing (which for her is normal).  Now and again I keep checking to make sure all is ok and she looks at me as if to say  ‘I’ll let you know!!’

 Bess 16.11.2010

 I took this unusual static photo with my mobile just now, as I’m typing this update.  She looks so bored to tears but I assure you she’s just been outside for a short walk…I don’t know if you can see it,  but the bare ring of flesh on her right front leg is where they shaved to insert the ‘drip feed’ and she is not enjoying looking like a poodle.  I’d best ‘publish’ this before  Her Majesty needs her next feed and tablets…

Catch up with you all soon……my thanks again for all your best wishes…

x Pen x


13 responses to “Update….

  1. This brings a smile 🙂
    Very good news!
    All the Best to you and yours, xPenx


  2. This is most excellent news Lady Pen I am really pleased my great friend, yes I can see the bald patch, I am also pleased that your vet shaved just a small area of her coat, some of them are hopeless at furdressing skills… She doesn’t look bored to me she looks happy to be back home with you, what a lovely blog this one is, thank you for sharing this with us all…

    Androgoth XXx


  3. Yes, wonderful news. Very good wishes to you and Bess.


  4. Thank heaven that Bess is feeling better. I know that is such a relief to you. Please give her a hug and a pet for me.


  5. hello my sweet friend pen, how are you? hope you’re fine…
    wish you a very happy wednesday my sweet friend
    much love,shiva xxxx


  6. Glad to see she’s convalescent – I guess we all said a prayer for the poor mutt! 🙂

    Love and hugs to ya both!!!



  7. Oh I am so pleased Pen she is so precious Hugs to you and Bess .
    Sheila x


  8. Great to hear the news Princess ,could see through your writings how much you were worried and caring , all is okay now girl , Bess is on the road to recovery and you can calm down a bit girl
    Cheers to you and Bess from Australia
    Ian aka Emu


  9. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit – yes, it was a day to remember!!! 🙂

    Hard to believe the weather was so foul, but I made it home and the TV was OK! 🙂

    I’m with you on being debt free – Christmas will be easier I think! 🙂

    I agree with you about the Maggot Hatcher – she and her ilk ruined this country and simply ran out of things to sell so that they could bribe the electorate with Tax Cuts.

    Now we’re in a worse state because Labour sold off our Gold reserves at their lowest value and now we need them, there’s nothing left in the kitty!!! 😦

    Politicians – you just can’t trust ANY of them!!!

    A good idea to let Bess answer the phone – those silent calls drive ME barking mad!!! LoL!!!

    I used to donate to Children in Need every year, but now my money is tight and I can no longer tour the pubs with a bucket like I did for the NSPCC – oh well…

    I’ve still got a low-level headache which will require half an hour on the couch listening to radio sitcoms and just resting – maybe more if it doesn’t improve…

    I didn’t get a Zombie, thankfully, but I am generally self sufficient as a rule! 🙂

    I agree about the cuts and the Bankers who created this mayhem deserve no bonus at all, but money talks and Politicians listen…

    I agree about June – we’ve known each other for about four years and these days she is actually polite to me!!! 🙂

    Yeah it was dumb forgetting the medication, but I’m still not used to having to order and collect every month – until this year I used to get three month’s supply at a time…

    Oh well: Thanks for the comments sweetheart and maybe a bowl of strawberries and cream would be more your style??? 😛

    Love and hugs always!



  10. I think dogs are the most amazing creatures because they give unconditional love in exchange for food, shelter, care from a vet, a scratch and a walk here and there. Dogs are miracles with paws, as they sure to add to the enjoyment of life! Good to hear that things are going well for you and your four legged friend!


  11. Pen! What fabulous news! Ohhhh, sweet Bess; she is so beautiful and you know how I feel about animals. When she became sick, I became worried (VERY worried) and now look at her. Yes, sleepy/resting in the photo but on her way to a speedy recovery now. As for the little shaving on her leg? Fiddle Faddle, not important at all because that was the entry for health. Give that gorgeous girl a heartfelt nuzzle for me, ok? I am so happy 😀
    Thank you for giving me this link to go with the blogspot, Pen. Now I’m on follow and you can BET I’m going to sit down and read every single word you’ve written in every single catagory. Honey, you KNOW I’m a fan, lol.
    xoxoxo from your old blog buddy JennyD


  12. I see about sweet Bess now. I didn’t know about her but now that I do, I will hold her in my heart with my own girl. I can do that easily as I love all pets.

    I will have to read back as to what happened to your baby.



    • thank you , my friend, as I will Miss Catt, our pets mean so much, and we feel it when they’re not well and we can’t take the burden on ourselves, I truly wish I could, I truly do… xx


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