Magic Beware….

Magic 3

There’s a magic feel to the Ancient Shop
There’s a spicy aroma of a bygone age
Like dim memories that will never stop
Like dim photo’s filling every album page.

Magic 3

You look around slowly with eyes so wide
You look around but you must never touch
As the goods are magic and more beside
As the price you pay may be too, too much.

Magic 3

You choose with care the Goods you require,
You choose and a moral bargain is struck
As the Shopkeeper knows it will never expire
As the unwary shoplifter who alas tried his luck.

Magic 3

Non doth know where the light fingered one went,
Non doth know if his sorry life was forsaken
Only the Shopkeeper knows and he won’t relent
Only the Shopkeeper knows of anything taken.

LadyP © 2010


23 responses to “Magic Beware….

  1. Aw Pen, that was like music to my ears, you are such a talented lady…
    Thanks for dropping by, have a lovely weekend, much love…xxx Lynn


  2. Hi Pen! Fabulous! Just lost myself in that! Hope u have had a Womderful Weekend! Luv PF XXX


  3. Hi Pen lovely poem mm makes you think a bit of mystery. I am so pleased to hear Bess is doing just fine hugs Sheilax


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