Natures Cupboard….


Autumn SunThrough Leaves

The weak autumn sun casts it’s light through the Trees,
some are denuded, quite bereft of their leaves,
fallen to the ground as if to carpet the earth,
cast about by a playful wind, almost in mirth.
This food of the future will soon rot and decay
stored in the ground,  Mother Nature’s way
of showing us the Seasons and also by learning
how the circle of life is kept continually turning…..

LadyP © 2010

21 responses to “Natures Cupboard….

  1. I do like Autumn. For many reasons… football season, the fall colors of the leaves before they fall from the trees, the crispness in the air, the smell of leaves burning in my backyard fire pit, being able to work outside without sweating so much, harvest of the things grown in the spring and summer, etc… so much to be appreciated.


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