The Dragons Fire…..

Dragons fire

Beware the night the Dragons fly,
Beware their flame-filled breath
For on this night, and I do not lie
their blood-lust will end in Death.

Dragon Flame

The rage they feel against mortal souls
who have hunted them without cease
Will end this night when bells do toll
Only one winner, in this struggle for Peace

Dragon Flame

So set thyself in Battle Armour ready,
Keep thy sword-hand good and true
as the battle rages, keep thy wits steady
Art though brave enough to see this night through?


LadyP  © 2010


24 responses to “The Dragons Fire…..

  1. I never hunted dragons, I am a somewhat well behaved mortal. Non violent and I do go by my meat at the market. I like a good fire though, we could make Peace? Nice dragon…LOL
    Inspiring as usual Lady P…a gift you have.


  2. I can’t explained well today, but I do noticed a lot of poems titles are Dragons fry than the batterfry ?
    I used to catch them when I was a little girl my God it was an ancient ago:-)
    Enjoy your weekend with Bess,


  3. Dragons, loathsome beasts and evil enemies to most humankind, have free will to decide what path they take in life. I guess that taking into consideration that dragons were born of a time other than men, a time of chaos and created out of destruction… should we expect them to be anything but monstrous?
    Wonderfully written.


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