Manchester  United   … 7…       Blackburn Rovers  … 1 …

Wonderful , wonderful match… Congratulations to Dimitar Berbatov

who scored 5 of the seven,  yes seven goals!!!

Now the only thing to happen which would top this , is a phone call from Johnny Depp…   (Pen sits and waits. and waits!!)    😉


15 responses to “United…United….

  1. …we are united, Lady Pen…and then there are Dimitar or Johnny….mmmh… 🙂


  2. HAHAHAHAHA, here I was saying, “Wow, 7 goals in the game!” and thinking congratulations for your team….and then I get to Johnny Depp. Fell over laughing. Pen, you are the best, girl. This was the perfect way for me to end my blog walk for some hours: happy, laughing, and heading downstairs to pull that turkey out of the fridge and start chopping for soup 😀


  3. You’ll get callouses on your bum before JD phones Pen, LOL
    He’s on TV tonight or tomorrow Sweeny Todd


  4. If only…Johnny had your number memorized!!! He must have lost it, Right? LOL
    And congrats to the Manchester boys!!!
    Peace be with you Lady,


  5. I would love a call from Simon Baker, or I would settle for Johnny Dep. 😉
    I am glad your team one.


  6. Well half your dream has come true now maybe the other half may come true , you never know so get your lippy on and stand by , hehehe
    Let me know if he doesn,t call and I will get Emu to call you
    Hugs Princess
    Ian aka Emu


  7. I think ya could be waiting forever until Johnny calls, the place would cobweb over first.
    Glad the Footy made you happy.
    Big Hugs
    Lady Jude


  8. I’ll be an honest with you I don’t watch the footy game and my favorite are
    golf and tennis but glad you are enjoy the game.I can understand that you wish to win too.


  9. I LOVE the footy game! It’s what I DO! 😉


  10. Ooh, Mr. Depp. I don’t know if I’d be able to muster a word if he called actually… I might even hang up because it would be way too unbelievable! Haha and the sought sends me off into my little dreamland… If only, if only!


  11. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, I’m feeling the same way about the Utilities, but don’t have to worry this year because I overpaid by £348 and change last year so I only pay £20 per month this year!!!
    Hope you have a great week sweety – I’m not going to church today as it’s too bloody cold!!!

    God Bless!!!



  12. lol! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you in hopes that he will call…


  13. Great stuff… United’s most impressive display this season. Sheer class, well done United!
    Johnny Depp! Bwahahaha! Sitting and waiting is good… holding your breath is not. You’re too good for him. 🙂


  14. Hi, Pen. I like Johnny Depp, too. I’m not waiting for him to call, but in my heart of hearts, I’d like him to take a look at my poetry. Not much chance! I do have an “Alice” poem, however. Did you like him in that movie, and what did you think of it in general? Best, Monica


  15. Well I can’t say anything about soccer…or is it football? cuz I don’t know anything about it…but I can say yes a phonecall from Johnny Depp would top most anything in my day too!! Nikki x


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