Time Is Golden….

 Golden Portal

We’re standing in front of the spectacular portal gates , a lacy filigree metal design completely covered in faces, examples of all this worlds nationalities.., in front of them and at ground level there’s a circular gold coloured disc with four outcrops to stand upon.  We have to hurry as they’re coming faster than we thought and we must escape with the information we’ve gathered. There are only four of us left as they’ve killed the others, or captured at the very least, and we hope for the latter option. We can return with a larger squad,  and try an escape plan for them but for now we must regroup, we must return to the past in order to sort this mess out…We all stare at one another, quickly communicating our thoughts with our minds but also vocally wishing each other luck,  because we definitely need it. Time travelling by the Portal was a dangerous pastime, as one slip and you’re dust,  part of a pretty coloured rainbow of  Space Dust, decorating the Cosmos. The last person I’d seen ‘blown to atoms’ was my childhood friend, Matt, scarlet glittering dust he was now. A random question filtered through my mind ‘I wonder what colour I am?’  IT was a sobering thought as we stand there ready to take up position on the Disc of Time. One by one we stepped forward, each of us taking our place on one of the four time discs, readying ourselves for the leap into endless twisting time itself… Who knows where?  Who knows when? Only the ‘programmer’ knew for certain. Hopefully the time bracelets will continue their work, and I lightly touch mine while waiting for my personal signal and co-ordinates, it was such a small device to hold so much power. At last, just as the marching feet were coming nearer and shouts rang out, It was my turn. I thought of my destination co-ordinates, pictured them in my mind and as I tapped the disc with my heel, we all began to vanish like wraiths, leaving the present and into the past, but alas something was wrong,  I could almost taste the feeling of strangeness… My last conscious thought drifted away, trailing behind me as I disintegrated, ……..`My colour, I’m surrounded by my colour,  I’m glorious Golden Yellow, deepest Gold….…….’

NEWS10-space dust-250_tcm18-31376


LadyP © 2010


24 responses to “Time Is Golden….

  1. Yo Pen! I dunno why, but I suspect I am Green! *Grins widely* Had a truck loada snow 2day! Just been informed that school is closed 2moz! Hope u have a Great eve, Luv PF XXX


  2. Hi Lady P,
    I love this story! I want to keep reading more! It’s so great how you can write such excellent stories and poems of such different sorts of topics bringing the readers into your magical atmospheres.
    Big hugs, Nikki


  3. I’m probably not quite a good snowball thrower as you are, but I’ll give it my best shot lol….http://i51.tinypic.com/2hz5m9t.gif
    Have a wonderful night,
    Nikki x


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