December Chill…….

sno_ani08 sno_ani08 sno_ani08 

As the white flakes flutter and rest on the ground

there’s no warning of danger, no warning by sound

the coldness descends, as a white blanket is thrown

by Mother Nature, over everything, with no pity shown.

Quietness reigns on,  normal life says goodbye,

as another wave of flakes drift down from on high,

you clear away one covering, another takes it’s place,

and the mounds you’re creating only need a smiling face

to change to the snowman, you once built as a child

but you cannot stop now, this ‘flaky’ weathers going wild.

sno_ani08 sno_ani08 sno_ani08

LadyP © 2010


22 responses to “December Chill…….

  1. Mother nature can be such a b**ch at times, but we love her just the same. Well, I do… and I love the snow (I could do without the extreme cold temps). I like the silence of a day with newly fallen snow. I like the beauty of the trees covered with a coating of ice that sparkles in the sun. Taking pictures are always so pretty, other times of the year are nice too. But some winter pictures are breathtaking.


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