Who To Blame…


If I stand still and drink my fill

of the world that’s round about me,

would you blame me?


If I lose my way, from day to day

travel in circles that confound me

would you blame me?


If I search for life, leave my title of wife,

hiding the doubts inside me

would you blame me?


The question I ask, taking myself to task

it’s all about me, for can’t you see

I blame me…….


LadyP © 2010


17 responses to “Who To Blame…

  1. A proufound write, Pen!


  2. Innocent, innocent, innocent…Love…


  3. Anyone that is a free thinker will have such thoughts. Very thought provoking Pen.


  4. a selfish person…. says….. it’s all about me

    the honest person accepts fault


  5. Well I’d never point the finger at you Lady P, especially to such a beautiful Lady.
    Have a lovely day.


  6. Blame is where the problems lie – consensus without blame or blaming should be the ultimate goal…

    Love and squishy hugs!



  7. Very, VERY good, Pen. I love letting the words slide into me only to come to a screeching halt at a provoking thought. You really have a way, girl 🙂


  8. Innocent, innocent, innocent…Love, c….


  9. Love this Pen! You keep the mind whirring right up till the end and then some! Really great stuff 🙂


  10. Self doubt ,hurt, bitterness and shame , a world of remorse filled with regrets , a world that has passed in the blinking of the eye , for the future is now , a new dawning of the soul , only one path left and that is to the future
    A great writing with much thought for the reader , well done my friend , your writing always leaves one thinking.
    Ian aka Emu


  11. Never blame, always trying understand, the world will stop if we all lay blame at each other
    Take care


  12. Very beautiful and thought-provoking, made me cry, Pen. We should be our own harshest critics and then forgive, eh?


  13. That was quite sad Pen, I guess you must have been in a bit of a blue mood to have written that one, hope you’ve perked up now, lovely words and beautifully put. hugs and pats for you and Bess.


  14. There is nothing reproachable about wanting
    something different, and blame plays no part in
    this finding. Someone once said that ‘Blame is for
    God and Small Children’, and I believe this to be
    a truism… Be well Lady Pen and do enjoy your
    evening and weekend.

    Androgoth XXx


  15. Never regret anything because at one time it was what you wanted! Right? Well, so true for most things. More importantly, don’t allow yourself to be a slave to guilt. Gosh, there are so many people who will never forgive you for your actions. That’s why YOU have to. Forgiving is not forgetting. It’s letting go of any hurt.


  16. one winged angel

    Blame is the lack of responsibility, somewhere or someone to hang it on rather than accepting what is rightfully yours. Forgiveness is the opposite of blame. Remember?


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