Gateway To the Soul….


 The eyes tell a story, giving more than a clue
about the person inside, the real part of you
They hold back some secrets, never let it be said,
that everyone is open, like a book to be read.

Eyes can flash with anger, soften with love
harden with hate, as a fist in a velvet glove,
endless tears can well, shimmering like dew
softening the  heart, ‘til a sparkle shines thro’

Mischief can reign, twinkling laughter can show,
the eyes lead the way, the lips follow on slow,
a wink, a teasing look, perhaps a knowing glance,
without a clue from the eyes, you haven’t a chance.

The eyes are described as a gateway to the soul,
as the key to knowing a person as a whole,
So, look deep into these eyes, tell what you see,
for if you read wrongly, then where will you be?

LadyP © 2010


21 responses to “Gateway To the Soul….

  1. Bravo! This is amazing!
    Do you remember, when growing up….that when you got into trouble, one of your parents or an adult would say: “Look at me, when I talk to you!” Then they would ask you a question? Did you do….? Are you telling me the truth? Look at me, they would say as they focused on our eyes. It is hard to hide, behind our own eyes. Sometimes… no matter what, the truth is told. It is amazing how our eyes, say so much about how we feel, from the inside.


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