Icy Thoughts…..

19-12-10_Ice Anyone..



Winter is here,  sno_ani10   of that there’s no doubt,
’tis cold, ’tis frosty,  
 sno_ani10   there’s more snow about
to come drifting down, 
sno_ani10    ready to blanket us all
and here I have proof 
 sno_ani10   that Jack Frost came to call.
His frozen calling card  
sno_ani10   was there on show,
when I arose this morning,
sno_ani10   and wouldn’t you know?
camera battery has died, 
   sno_ani10 how to take a photo?
thank goodness for my mobile,     sno_ani10    here’s to you ………

‘hello moto’

LadyP © 2010


Brrrrrr…Hope everyone’s safe and warm out there!!  xsno_ani10


43 responses to “Icy Thoughts…..

  1. Much milder here I actually didn’t wear a hat to-night. yipee.
    Glad you’re not on the redundancy list , awful thought. I’ve been self employed for yonks so I’m at least spared that worry, as long as there were lazy or dirty people I, and my employees had a good living.
    Ruby sends licks to her new big sister Tango’s asleep.


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