An Ode to The Butterfly….. For Sheila…


Oh Butterfly, you flutter by, most wonderful insect of all,
unfurling beauty in your wings when from the Chrysalis you crawl,
showing us your love of life,  sharing your dancing on thin air
you give such joy, such wonderment to see your presence there.

BUtterfly 2
Your colours are amazing,  many beautiful designs to see,
yet your frame is delicately fragile, it’s a wonder you live so free
Your habitat is shrinking,  your numbers diminishing too,
oh Butterfly flutter by, without you whatever will we do?

butterfly 3
No-one can see you flying, without a sudden lifting of the heart
the sight of you makes eyes go wide with delight from the start
Please don’t ever leave us,  we’ll be distraught and so bereft
A World without the Butterfly? NO colour, no life, nothing left….

LadyP © 2010


18 responses to “An Ode to The Butterfly….. For Sheila…

  1. Oh sooo true!!! 😦

    Summer without butterflies would be a sad thing indeed!!!

    Merry Christmas cuddles!!!



  2. “Oh Butterfly, you flutter by”… I absolutely love the playing with words like that … thank you, Lady P ….


  3. I love butterflies. What a wonderful tribute this is to that lovely creature.
    Merry Christmas Pen and a peaceful New Year!


  4. I love butterflies too – but not everyone does. My wife is actually afraid of butterflies.
    Nice poem!


  5. Some things you should enjoy daily. Butterflies are one of those things and they are so much like flying rainbows. I look forward to that time of the year when they visit us.


  6. Beautiful words on one of Gods most beautiful creatures.
    Ian aka Emu


  7. Lovely Pen.
    There’s a forest near where I live that you can just sit and watch butterfly’s all day in Spring and Summer, there seem so many in this spot that you don’t realise how endangered their habitat actually is.


  8. What would our world be like with out the beautiful Butterfly
    so small but yet so very beautiful
    lovely poem
    take care


  9. Oh Pen that’s really Lovely thank you so much, the words are so true to. This amazing little creature I hope will never fade from our World. I still have a little Chrysalis hanging the Summerhouse.. mm I wonder what Butterfly it will be . Come The New year and nearing Spring I shall be keeping a close eye on it. Hugs Sheila Thank you.


  10. LOVE the play on words, Pen. Just great 😀
    If you look closely at a butterfly, did you ever see how there’s a resemblance to a little, slender angel raising their arms/wings up to heaven? Well, ok, maybe not, but my imagination runs wild sometimes 🙂


  11. Very beautiful poem, sooooo nicely written…. I love butterflies, I called them The flying flower
    Take care
    Marinela x


  12. I love capturing their image during the summer when I am out taking photos. They are among my most favorite of creatures. They and Hummingbirds.

    Bess…my kitty also snores but as are you, so is she an excellent heater.


  13. Beautiful, Pen. Reading this almost makes me long for the warmer weather that will bring back the butterflies (and dragonflies).


  14. Such gentle and true beauty in these little fluttering darlings, tis like the whispering of sweet thoughts everytime I see them. You remind me of what a gift they are and how sad it would be to lose them….
    always a pleasure to stop by here, thank you so much!


  15. I never saw as many this year it would be a tragedy if they became extinct. what a dreadful thought. Lovely poem Pen. X


  16. Pen, I love this so much.


  17. Such beautiful words expressing the joy that butterflies bring us – they put colour in both our worlds AND our hearts. A fine poem my friend on one of my favourite things in life 😀 Xx


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