A Narrow Escape?……


I placed one foot upon the spade
and one foot on the ground,
and as I pushed with all my might
the Earth gave without a sound,
it opened wide and drew me in
  then sent me on my way
down a tunnel winding long
   for seemingly hours, I would say.
Then pretty soon a light appeared
almost floating straight ahead,
my falling ceased, I cried with joy
I had thought I would be dead.
But no, I fell without a sound
then rolled for quite a while,
on a beach of golden sand
‘Lucky me,’ I thought with a smile,
as I stood up and looked about
to see where I had landed,
’twas a lovely Desert Island
where I found myself stranded.
Oh, woe is me, how could this be
was I to die so far from home?
for nothing had I brought to eat
and my stomach it did groan.
’Oh stop your noise’ a voice did say
from behind a large palm tree
’there’s food a plenty all about…
just wait, and listen to me’
and from the shade a figure did step
into the sun to show a human being
I shook my head, to clear my sight
I couldn’t believe who I was seeing.
Not a word of a lie, ‘twas Johnny Depp,
dressed to the nines as
Capt Jack Sparrow 
my heart did pound, then  stars whirled around
….and I awoke, clutching my spade, hugging a


Sigh!!  ah well…Better luck next time!!

LadyP © 2010


51 responses to “A Narrow Escape?……

  1. Ha ha, nicely crafted poem.
    Probably one of the most charismatic people in the movie industry.
    All men want to be him and all women want to be his. lol


  2. Lovely LOL oh I was wondering where this was leading to Pen. What a cracker! Happy New Year Pen hope it’s a good one. Hugs and to dear Bessxx


  3. Ah! keep chasin’ perhaps you’ll catch that Wiley bird one day! but if you did would you even really want him then? And if you by chance ran into the man you have not yet imagined would that Sparrow even match up? Judging by your depth I’d say not. Keep reaching for the stars with your feet on the ground and you wind up living beyond your wildest dreams. Go into the new year with this knowledge grasped tightly and before you know it …a better prince will be in your bed nightly! Take care!


    • I think the excitement is in the ‘chasing’ and not the catching as you say, a dream is alright, it’s when it becomes reality that you find what’s real and what you want from life. Dreams give you a chance to use imagination and go wherever you like, no limits. exciting stuff but candyfloss., I suppose.
      Life is not a box of chocolates it’s living day by day accepting what comes your way, despite your dreams not coming true. xx


  4. Fantastic!! This one has me smiling such a huge smile that I look more like a lunatic than normal! 😉 lol

    Great poem; loved the rhyme in it, your storytelling, and then of course the ending xx


  5. Hahaha! Wow, what a poem! Johnny Depp is one of my favorites, and his role as Captain Jack Sparrow was my favorite of all! Superb poem!


  6. hahahaha – very good


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