She was sitting alone in the coffee shop,  staring around,  surrounded by people but feeling as alone as she had been in her whole life.  She lifted the cup and drank deeply, too deeply, as she coughed, she spluttered and it seemed as if all eyes were suddenly turned her way. Her cheeks bloomed a deepening red colour, her eyes squeezed out a few tears and she quickly lowered her head, shamed and mortified.  Groping for a hankie in her coat pocket she found instead a letter, which she pulled out and read on the envelope her name….

To you, Pen, read and decide if you want to share…….

She looked about, staring at each person in turn,  anyone of whom may have slipped this letter into her coat pocket whilst it was draped over her chair.
Should she open it?…should she?  OK …alright…she should…
She tore the envelope carefully and slid out the contents….and this is what she saw…

New Year Gif

                           Time is of the essence,
              time is what we need,
          time to choose our way
    time to change our creed

                                             Time will tell us
                                    if we choose right
                    this New Year
        may it sparkle bright,
Photobucketnothing comes, I fear
               to those who wait
      so make your choice
don’t leave it too late
Photobucketcarve your mark
             in letters ten feet tall
as the old year ends I wish
Happy New Year To One and All………


LadyP © 2010

ps/…I decided to share!!


66 responses to “Choices……..

  1. May you stay up to welcome in the New Year and see the old one leave. ::Seth raises his glass:: Here’s to happiness, good times and good cheer and many joys yet to unfold in 2011 for you. All my best is wished for you. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I think that to an extent, we have all found ourselves in a similar situation. I know I have. ::cough cough sputter:: That and, having milk cme out one’s nose from laughing… seems to happen when you want them to the least. Amusing for some. 🙂


    • Thanks Seth,
      I could only describe what I’d experienced … so I have been in that situation tho’ in this case it was fictitious…I Hope your year is a good one and you celebrated the start of it well.. 😉 xx


  3. I am so glad you decided to share. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you too!


  4. Awww Lovely Pen thank you once again so so good. Happy New Year to you and yours and hugs to dear Bess xx


  5. Hi Pen, my you have had a huge response to this post, are you a popular girl or not? it’s the influence of Bess that does it. anyway your are here there and everywhere, and \i noticed you’d left a comments on my feedback page re blogspot, many thanks and I return the compliment, also I’d love to see you back on blogspot, and beautifying it all up, though this one isn’t too bad, I hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year and Bess had as many
    bones as she could manage, lots of nice gentle walks and I’m sure all the hugs she could possibly cope with. Here’s an extra three from Tango, Ruby and yours truly, have a lovely 2011 my friend.


    • thank you Arlene, I hope you saw 2011 in well and true…and that it’s a great year for you..
      and Bess is looking quite pleased with herself…she’s never had so much attention. hugs and stuff…to you, Tango and Ruby…xx
      and I do try with Blogspot tho’ I do tend to concentrate more here on WordPress…


  6. I love how you let yourself run with your imagination! I find that totally inspirational. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next posts…I never know what I’m gonna find here but I always know that it’ll be good and put a smile on my face. Thank you!!!! xx


    • Thanks for making me smile, Chloe, as I never know where my imagination will take me next either…I just caught your comments before signing off. Thank you dropping by, and for all your wonderful compliments…xx


  7. Happy New Year to you too Pen! 🙂


  8. And a very Happy New Year to you too, Pen. Appreciate your lovely creative greeting. 😀 bb


  9. Loved the story and even more so the poem. Wonderful combination.


  10. Scent of my heart

    So beautiful, I think this was the best New Year’s post I’ve read … really amazing story!


  11. Scent of my heart

    Happy New Year!

    I would like to invite you to our Monday Potluck Week 17 The theme is The Road Ahead, or you can link with 1 to 3 poems that are old or unrelated to our theme. Please check us out at . I’m sure all participants will enjoy your amazing writing. Let me know if you have questions.
    We are open Sunday, 8pm until Wednesday, 8pm, American Central time..
    Hope to see you in. Thank you!


    • Scent of my heart

      Of course You can have a look at any time you wish. And just so you know the Potluck is every week, so if you feel like taking part, you’re always welcome! Jingle poetry also has interviews with poets from the blog world and some news about writers events. You never know you might find something you like there! To tell you the truth I came back to see again the stars 🙂 honestly a real fairytale at your place!


  12. Scent of my heart

    And another comment, sorry about it, but I have to say I love your starry design on the blog. Very dreamy!


    • no problems, the more the merrier… 😉 Glad you liked the design, I just do a blog and ‘add’ as I go along, searching thro’ my Photobucket site to find anything relevant…adds to the challenge.. !!
      and thank you for the invitation, I haven’t any extra spare time at the moment to take part, but I will have a looksee at the event if I may? xx


  13. our potluck week 17 is open now, welcome linking in 1 to 3 old poems as the first time participant…

    Enjoy a lovely Monday!

    no commenting requirement, everything is free style and free will …hope to see you share…you got talent here….


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