Lazy waves lapping
ebbing and flowing
erasing my footprints
as I wander the shore
The sound of the sea
is like musical rhythm
my heavy heart lifts
I walk on once more…
A deep pulling love
this call of the sea
making senses feel
a primeval ache,
never let me resist
needing the sea’s kiss
should reality be dream
never let me wake….


LadyP © 2011

46 responses to “Imprints…..

  1. I take my shoes off as soon as I see the sand and going barefoot, all the way. It doesn’t matter if the sand is hot, then I just run to the water. For me, walking bare-foot on soft sand at the beach or along a lake, gives an unexplainable relaxing feeling. Yes, nothing beats walking around the beach barefoot.
    Wonderfully written.


    • my thanks , Seth, for your compliment, and yes, sand on bare feet, there’s nothing like it…not that I can think of at the moment anyway… Now I have a picture in my head of you dancing about hot sand racing down to the shore and your poor feet sizzling!! 😀 x


  2. Lady P what a beautiful poem! I can totally relate to every word in it, I love the sea! I’ve lived near it my whole life, it’s my favorite place to go think or just relax. There’s something so beautifully special about the sea and you’ve managed to put it into words so wonderfully.
    Hope you have a great day, hugs. Nikki


    • I am so, so jealous Nikki, and I agree wholeheartedly, the Sea has an ancient pull which transcends any other feeling. I;d love to live nearby, but sadly the opportunity has never arisen. Maybe some day though…and thank you for the compliment, glad you enjoyed it..x Have a wonderful week-end..x


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