Angel of The North….

Angel of the North..1

With featureless face, no eyes to see

how those that pass stare back at thee

With metal wings set high and wide

Angel of the North, Pride of Tyneside.

angel of the north silhouette

You stand your ground, yet lift spirits high

your silhouette impresses, so we ache to fly,

made of steel you are, yet angelic you be

A glorious symbol set there for eternity.

 angel of the north silhouette

LadyP © 2011


49 responses to “Angel of The North….

  1. A beautiful the Angel sculpture with your poem are purely imaginary.


  2. Beautiful poem. I did not know about this sculpture so thank-you for that also. I don’t sculpt but what I really am drawn to is the idea that man could create something so stalwart and simple in form and by taking the basic symbols of wings and setting them on a basic manican-like form turn heads and cause pause.


    • being drawn to the design and the response felt is part of the whole experience I suppose,Leslie, and yes, so simple a form but the feeling of sharing is so profound that you just have to stop and look, take time out and reflect … basic, simple but awe inspiring at the same time…x


  3. Hello my sweet friend Pen!
    How are you? hope you’re ok ^_^
    I’m so happy we’re friends…Wish you a happy time ❤
    love n big hugs,shiva xxxx


  4. Beautiful! I really love the poem, and it is a lovely tribute to the sculpture 🙂


  5. Hi Pen – what an amazing tribute to this beautiful sculpture 😀 Awesome xx


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