Money Tree…..

 money tree 2

So, you looked after our money as best you could?
You played the stock market,  the interest was good,
there was a huge problem in the chances you took,
what the heck, grows on trees, trust to
Bankers luck.
money tree 2
 Saved again by our
money,  yet feeling no blame
holding hands out for bonus’s , still feeling no shame.
Countless millions were lost, so many lives destroyed
but no pangs of conscience,  seeming totally devoid.. 
money tree 2

You must be so proud of the harsh beating we took
You feel no discomfort,   just a sly backward look,
WE  bailed out the Banks, of that fact we are sure
Money business goes on,  just don’t talk such manure…


LadyP  © 2011


47 responses to “Money Tree…..

  1. I have just planted a Money Tree. Soon as it leafs out..I will share. Let’cha know.


  2. Like the rolling of the dice
    this one is very nice… Yes
    a poor rhyme of mine… lol
    Have a lovely rest of evening
    Lady Pen… Hope you’re being
    good for a change? lol

    Androgoth XXx


  3. This is really, really, really awesome! I was shaking my head all the way through it at how greedy those bankers are and how they have practically crippled our country. A great write Pen 😀

    I wrote a poem about how our struggling bank balances feel – if you wanna take a look:

    Have a GREAT evening. You ROCK!!! xx


    • Wow, Chloe, thanks ever so for the accolade, very much appreciated. and I agree about the Fat Cat bankers, who’ve caused this latest recession almost on their own…and not even an apology forthcoming, just a hand held out for bonus’s!! I’ll take a look-see at your link, and Ihope you’re having a great Tuesday…. 🙂 x


  4. Great poem, and such a good message. We should all think twice, sadly most don’t.


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