Sleepy Way…..


Milky Way...

Sleepless night,
                                   restless brain
fully awake,
                                       sleep is in vain
round and round
                                         thoughts do go
chasing sleep,
                                              but it won’t show
reign in thoughts,
                                           blank the mind
try counting sheep,
                                          they’re unkind
won’t jump at all,
                                             stand stock still
try to ignore them,
                                       force of will,
think of a dream, 
                                             then take flight
catch a thought, 
                                            hang on tight, 
soar to the heavens, 
                                                          view the Milky Way,
You slept after all,  
                                                             greet the new day…..


LadyP © 2011


53 responses to “Sleepy Way…..

  1. I understand you completely in this poem.
    I have nights like this.
    Some people say the moon plays a part. lol.
    Last time i had a night like this i gave up trying.
    The next day i realised that even at my young age i was not able to deal with skipping nights any more. lol
    Anyhow, excellent poem


    • Many thanks for the compliment Richard, and glad you enjoyed my description of a battle I sometimes have with sleep and sheep!! 😉
      Doesn’t take many skipped nights to make me feel totally zombie-ish… xx


  2. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Congratulations on your win – I feel sure this sudden great wealth will not change you in any way! 🙂

    Like you said though: It pays for next weeks ticket! LoL!!!

    The stereo system isn’t cheap – £300 plus tax hike – but it is designed to copy records and tapes onto CD, so it is VERY useful to me!!! 🙂

    I’ll get a proper stereo system later on, but it’ll cost under £80 so no worries! 🙂

    I’d love a decent sound system, but I live in a block of nine flats which have poor sound insulation so I have to be quiet or use headphones…

    If I won though I’d buy a detached house and be a bit more noisy!!! LoL!!!

    It would be truly ironic if either of us won the lottery and then dropped dead from shock!!! LoL!!!

    Tonight I am not having pizza, but chicken Cordon Bleu, so I am going to be very full as I eat two lots of firm chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese!!!

    No wonder I’m getting so fat…

    Hope you FINALLY get that pizza!!! 😛

    Love and hugs!



    • I bought it this morning Sir Prenin, so it’s Pizza time pretty soon!! and I also used my huge £3 win to stake the next Thunderball. I promise not to drop dead from shock should I win the BIG one, so long as you promise too… I’m sure we both could handle the excitement, been waiting long enough methinks…


  3. I know the feeling too well, I think I’ ve seen more 3.00 am’s than I’ve had hot breakfasts. Well put Pen, eyes are starting to glaze over now, please Mr Sandman give me 7 straight hours


    • I wish you a lovely, dream-free good nights sleep, Arlene, … mine went haywire as Bess barked to go out at 3 this morning, and on putting her back on my bed she was promptly sick… She seems much brighter today, whereas I am hollow eyed and ghastly to look at… must go and empty the washing machine… ( just glad she’s brighter though) xx


      • Nope, didn’t work for me last night Pen, reading Rutherford’s ‘Forest’ for about an hour. from 2.30 am, would’ve given you a bell, had I known you were up too, I hope dear Bess is OK to-day, wonder what made her sick. Tango’s been well lately. Hugs and nice tender strokes for Bess today .


        • Bess’s brighter today, Arlene, and trying to run about like a puppy (she think she still is one!!) …but as soon as she lies down, her joints seize up…Wish I could help her…sigh!!
          Hope your wakefulness soon wears off… Last night I slept like a log…(and woke in the fireplace!! The old ones are the best eh? 😉 )
          Hugs and woofs and licks to You, Tango and Ruby, xx


  4. You have a great mastery of words dear friend , not only do you tell a story but you sell the story with your words that are so clear and explicit that one can only follow you and enjoy
    Ian aka Emu


    • MY sincere thanks for your wonderful comment and compliment Ian, just so glad you enjoyed the poem…I wonder what would happen if I could never sleep? the toll of a week or so left me feeling so zombie like that I’d hate to imagine how it affects people with really bad insomnia.., Just goes to show that you should be thankful for what you haven’t got… xx


  5. Sometimes the easiest way to sleep is to not try sleeping at all. Sometimes when I’m counting sheep, they wear funny clothes and make me laugh. hehe…lovely poem 🙂


  6. Oh, I can emptahise – whale song on my iPod normally does the trick


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