Mistaken Identity…..



‘Take this’ said the voice, rather rudely I thought,
as partway between anger and irritation I was caught
I looked down at the parcel,  and so didn’t see
when the person scarpered,  leaving the package with me…
english bobby
’Stop her’  cried a voice,  and I turned quickly to find,
someone pointing straight at me, how simply unkind,
I took to my heels before sense gained a hand
then tripped over a kerb,  on my back I did land.
english bobby
’What do we have here,’    a voice of authority said,
seeming as tall as a giant, I had to tip back my head,
I said, ‘Please give me some help to regain my feet’
the Policeman did as I asked, I then stood on the street
english bobby
I explained that the package was nothing to me,
to no avail, I was arrested, therefore no longer free
I was escorted to the station and charged on that day
Now I’m here in my cell,  speechless, nothing to say.
english bobby
Apparently the package was a few kilo’s of drugs,
and I‘m the notorious leader of a whole gang of thugs,
um?… how did this happen at all you might wonder
I have no idea, someone’s made a terrible blunder!!
english bobby
’Please let me out’  I cried, regaining my voice
but no-one answered my plea, leaving me with no choice,
either sit there and ponder what on earth I could do,
or use my phone call allowance and….maybe ring you?



LadyP © 2011

45 responses to “Mistaken Identity…..

  1. Haha, I love this, very funny poem! I’d say, sure make a ring, I’ll do my best to help!


  2. Hi Pen – this was a fun read and put a smile on my face. I presumed you have now used your telephone call – if not, CALL ME!! lol 😉 xx


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