City Breath……


Earth Consumed....

I bear the weight,
      black tarmac roads,
Commercial Trucks with heavy loads
I hear the sound,
the thunder of feet
pounding along the cold paved street
I feel machines,
ripping my skin
placing sinuous pipelines deep within  
I see mighty structures,
soaring up high
their concrete fingers scraping my sky.
Yet I am the Earth,
I need to breathe
I fight to cast your restricting shield,
your cruel iron chains
binding my soul
I need to give life,  not to lose control
held by Manmade
structures and more
Yes I am the Earth, my poor heart is sore…


LadyP © 2011


60 responses to “City Breath……

  1. Great writing , reminds me of the song Tar and Cement , cant remember who wrote or sang it but went along the lines ,
    Where are the lilacs
    Tar and Cement
    Nothing but acres
    Tar and Cement
    You certainly captured the modern world as we know it today.
    Thank you
    Ian aka Emu


    • Thank you Ian, aka Emu, for your comment and compliment, the poem just came from deep inside, watching the massive structures encroaching, the ever increasing repairs to roads, the tar lorries , with the sound and the smell, and wondering what the world felt…xx


  2. loved this one pen its right too much concrete and tarmac and now we are going to loose our forrest if this governmemt get their way our road is loosing grass verges for tarmac but impleased to say the tree is staying outside my drive or i would have had a gothy fit with the local council great blog pen xxjen


    • HI Jen, and my sympathies, so many ways they find to get round the green issue…and glad you managed to stay the execution of the tree. Many thanks for your comment, and glad you enjoyed the poem. xx


  3. Another fantastic, thought provoking poem Pen. Thank you x


  4. Hi Lady P,
    What a great poem, it makes me feel the earth has feelings, aww I feel sad for the poor earth! Beautifully written dear Pen.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Big hug, Nikki


    • Thank you so much for your comment and compliment Niki, much appreciated…Glad you enjoyed the slant I gave it, the Worlds view of how it’s being treated… Hope you’ve had a great week-end too. xx


  5. This poem hits the spot with me Pen , so very true . I am lucky to live in a 2 acre garden where the wildlife take first place . Bushes , trees , ponds for them to thrive and enjoy.Always something to see as each season changes. Thank you most enjoyable. xSheilax


    • I have always loved the photo’s of your garden Sheila, and the description you give also paints a wonderful picture…I know we can’t all live in the countryside, it’d be overwhelmed, but our gardens if we can manage it, can be little oasis’s for the urban wildlife… Glad you enjoyed the poem, my friend. x


  6. Aww, our poor earth! It puts up with so much strain, and we hardly give it a second thought. Very thought provoking piece, we should learn to be gentler, and we really do need to take drastic measures to save our world from ruin.


  7. Great evocative body imagery here, Pen – the burden is palpable. bb


  8. Pen – this one has brought tears to my eyes. It is so well written and so very true. How much damage we do to the earth is just criminal and if the earth had a voice, I believe it would say “stop…I need to be able to breathe”.

    An awesome poem my friend xx


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