Viral Qualities…..


online safety

Give me your money, give me your wealth,
perhaps I’ll just take it, I have such stealth,.
I ask for donations but the reverse is true,
I want what you have, no thought for you
My ways are many, my motives don’t show
My words tell stories, not truth as you know
Barriers of conscience don’t hold me back
I can strike with vicious and deadly attack
you have no protection from my viral claws
Let me prove it,  try locking your online doors…

Locked door

LadyP © 2011


46 responses to “Viral Qualities…..

  1. I was taught a lessin many years ago in a certain lodge I belong to , and that is to be cautious in all we do , whether it is with people or organizations , today in this new technological world our minds must be more cautious than ever ,
    words well written giving much thought.


    • Many thanks for your comment Ian, yup, always wise to be cautious, I tend to keep my fingers crossed every time my PC has a scan, ‘cos I sometimes don’t understand what to do after it’s quarantined something…Do I delete?.. or just leave it locked up? Sheeesh!!.. xx


  2. Good Poem be on our guard I know it’s such a shame. It makes me sad it makes me mad. Great poem Pen thank you for the reminder…Sheilax


    • Glad you enjoyed the poem and it’s warning tone, Sheila…Makes me sad and mad too, I just wish the ‘infectors’ would just take a long hike and drop off the face of this planet of ours…xx


  3. Yes, being online is risky business. I don’t know why humans have to behave that way.

    Great poem, Pen. 🙂


    • Yup, so it is Robin, it seems that some humans feel they need to show how ‘clever’ they are, in trying to destroy others online habits, but hopefully we’ll stay one step ahead…(and I’ll keep my gun handy 😉 )xx


  4. OUCH!!! This was resonated with me, lady!!

    Looks like you have been hurt… I think there is someone here right now!! My lappie’s gone super slow… someone just stole my internet speed! BOOHHOOOO!!!


    • You have my sincere sympathies, Kavita, I’ve lost my hard drive twice and am in daily dread of it happening again, ‘cos I am very lackadaisical with ‘backing’ it up…My fault entirely but I blame the faceless hackers and evil doers for my coming up short too!! 😉


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