Pay the Piper…….


Conservative and Lib Dem Pact






   Is there no limit to what you’ll do?      
                        Is there no morality at all to be found?
                        Is your decision Conservative Blue,                  
                        you’ll sell whatever to raise a quick pound                    
   Last time Maggie Thatcher sold all she could
                         the Utilities went, and she saw it was good,
                         She sold out the miners, small business’s too
                         but what the heck, that’s not important to you.
   The Fat Cat’s of Business are in total control
                         they keep to the shadows,  the Party Bankroll
                         they care not for who will be drowned in the mire
                         as the cuts are forced through,  put all to the fire.
   “Sell off the country,  sell Greenbelt land”
                         sell anything profitable for those in command
                         NO worries of the poor and forget the old
                         change the NHS, leave them out in the cold..            
    Sell off our Forests
…to  Private Concerns too
                         restrictions to us, we won’t walk free as we do,
                         no Country hikes, they’ve worked with such guile
                         give them an inch and they’ll take the whole mile.        
    When will we learn, Politicians lack souls?           
                         they do things for profit and personal goals            
                         they’ll strip us bare to keep the country afloat,
                         when we finally sink, they’ll have their own boat.               


                         LadyP © 2011

This Wednesday there is a crunch vote in Parliament. MPs will vote on a motion demanding a rethink of plans to sell our national forests.
If enough of us contact our MPs now, we’ve got a real chance of winning this vote! So let’s make sure MPs are getting thousands of messages with one very clear request: vote to save our forests this Wednesday.
It’s quick and easy to email your MP, click here to send them a message:

48 responses to “Pay the Piper…….

  1. Great expose of the politics and politicians of our world today , that writing could apply to any country today and Australia too
    Ian aka Emu


    • Seems so, Ian, and isn’t that a crying shame?. That all politicians seem to be painted with the same brush, is there no-one who is not self serving, money seeking, and wanting to do something for their country without taking backhander’s and fiddling their expenses to boot?…. Seems not from the evidence to date,….x


  2. Selling off your forests? Unthinkable! I remember a time when it was reasonable to expect a politician to act in the public interest. When the future of one’s country and its children had to be considered. How did we get here and what must we do now?


    • You would think so, Monica, but that’s what they’re trying to do…Cloaked in a caring attitude, saying that the system at the moment is flawed and wanting to change for changes sake…and to sell to ‘Private’ hands…Lets hope they get the message that their bill is not popular at all, and that the feeling runs high that we want freedom to roam our countryside…


  3. Very topical Pen – the country is being crippled xx


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