Musical Question…..

Music sign 1

Do you dance with life
                                                do you dance at all

                                                                               do you follow the music
                                                                                               do you follow the call
                                                                                                              do you hear the drums
                                                                                                            do you hear the sound

                                                                                             do you hear castanets
                                                                                    as you spin round and round?
                                                                       as if this life is a musical score

                                             as you follow the rhythm
               as you want more and more,
               as you shake your body.    
             as you move your feet,     
            as you make  life choices            
       does music make it complete?


               music 2



54 responses to “Musical Question…..

  1. Yes! I would like to dance ALL NIGHT….If I could that my feet and my bodys are last long?


    • I bet you can Dance all night long, Michiko San, and not feel tired in the least, buoyed up by the beat of life I can sense in your blogs and your view on this life we journey through…Music can lift a heavy spirit, it can bubble up through your veins until you feel you could float high and fly wherever your imagination could take you, no boundaries, music gives you the ability to set your own…x


  2. Music is a way of expression. When there is no better way for me to explain how I feel, I turn on my music and listen. Quite often, I can relate to the lyrics in some songs. It almost is unexplainable for me, music brings me to a new utopia. If the lyrics really move me, I may change my mood, or change as a person. It’s great having a sense of sound that can discribe yourself. Life would be very boring without music!! 🙂


    • I agree, Oh Yes, I do agree with you Seth, music is so much a part of what we are as humans, enabling us to express that side of our nature that’s triggered when the first note is heard to the last note fading away… it’s food for the soul… Many thanks for your comment and view of musical appreciation.. xx


  3. Yes, I would say! 🙂 Just love this one, Pen
    Peace to you,xx


  4. IT DOES!! And my dear dear Pen, your poem made me go WOW!!! The play on words, the shape, the rhymes, the pace… everything about it was simply beautifully musical!!

    I want a LOVE button for this one..


  5. Beautifully put together ,a veritable musical opera , again you prove you can never dissapoint.


    • I would hate to disappoint you Ian, I hope the time never comes, and I’m glad you enjoyed this tribute to music and it’s upbeat rhythm, .. many thanks and good to see you back online..xx


  6. Pen, I can see you dancing and sparkling! Sound and rhythm — the poet’s lifeblood.


  7. I really enjoyed this poem as music is a major driving force in my life.


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