Mere Solace..…


She sits, staring blindly at nothing before her
her mind a tangle,  her thoughts following on
She wanders through emotions, none stay to guide her
only one which remains, the one she wished gone…


His voice had been full of such anger and hatred
accusations flung wildly with no base at all
Just giving her cause to pause,  to reason
she wanted her freedom, to escape his thrall.


When two are divided by suspicion and anger
with nowhere to run, just surrender the fight
Love is a blessing but jealousy soon sours it
’til all hope is gone,  leaving feelings of blight…


he begged acceptance of her thoughtful decision
which hadn’t come lightly and came at such cost
To please part as friends and not as mere solace
despite, not because of the love that they had lost…

LadyP © 2011

44 responses to “Mere Solace..…

  1. …emotions run hi at times … I’m so happy to have you imy life though … you became a true friend …woofes and purrs and love to you …always, Lady P. Thankful for that, so thankful … cat.


  2. Pen, you have such an amazing talent for imagining the emotions and circumstances which animate a work of art. It really comes alive. I love the notion, so true, that an emotion pushed away only comes back the more.


    • Thank you Monica, for both the comment and the compliment… somehow I just superimpose a storyline and go on from there…I’m just glad the whole scenario came alive for you…It’s difficult sometimes to stand back and view it objectively, as if not from my mind…xx


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