Dignity ….


Man with lift..

‘Watch out’ someone said
making me turn my head
as my heel became caught
I fell forward and thought
to grasp something to stop
myself falling on top
of the person who spoke
smiling as if at a joke
but the smile seemed to die
as I grasped at his tie
pulling hard with a jerk
everything went berserk
then the lift movement died
doors swished open wide
giving those milling near
the totally wrong idea.
We two exchanged a frown
as I brushed myself down
hobbling off matter of fact
with my dignity intact……

LadyP © 2011


53 responses to “Dignity ….

  1. Just the medicine I needed! 😀


  2. I love this poem so much, cant think who it remind me of lol
    Take care


  3. HAHAHA! This is exactly what I needed to lift my spirits after a long frustrating day at work and before I go to bed! Great poem Pen–absolutely love the humor! What an awkward situation to be caught in! I wonder what I would do if ever I got caught in a situation like that in real life… Oh dear! 😛


    • Hi there Andini, glad you enjoyed the scenario, and glad I upped your spirits. Let me know if it ever happens to you… 😉 .. Hope today turns out a much better one for you, my friend…x


  4. hahahha…this might have been embarrassing to you…but it was super funny read alright!! It reminded me of a time when I had fallen on a guy’s lap (in a moving bus) only because the drive had suddenly decided to slam the brakes!!! The guy kept smiling at me while I kept apologizing … And after 2 minutes, I realized I was apologizing WHILE seated on his lap!! Thankfully, my destination arrived pretty soon, and I practically jumped out of that bus…whheeww! 😀

    heheheh… I am still laughing at this lift-tie incident though!! lol


    • Glad you enjoyed the fun Kavita, and thanks for making me laugh too, wouldn’t it have been great if that had been a meeting of two souls destined to be together?… All thanks to a bus drivers ‘sitting’ on brakes…Ah…sweet Romance but for the embarrassment involved…WE can never get away quick enough!! 🙂
      many thanks for your lovely comment, my friend…x


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  6. Great imagery my friend , a situation we all seem to encounter somewhere in our lives , a situation we try to extricate ourselves from with our pride and dignity intact , thanks.
    Ian aka Emu


  7. I’m just glad that it
    was his tie… lol

    Androgoth XXx


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