Birth of a Planet

Who are we?
Beyond what’s seen
Who are we?
Do we live and dream
Until reality bites
leaving it’s mark,
Who are we
left crying in the dark?


Who are you?
left out in the cold
Who are you?
Why you’re eons old
reality bit hard,
It left it’s mark
Who are you
left crying in the dark?

Who am I?
a thought softly sighed
Who am I?
echoed then softly died
Why you are Life
just waiting for birth,
you are the Formation
of Planet


LadyP © 2011


51 responses to “Formation….

  1. Another great piece of writing Pen.
    I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those poems that you want to read over and over again and each time it leaves you feeling slightly different.


    • Why thank you Mike, sometimes I read my pieces later and feel I could have done better…I suppose we’re never completely satisfied/happy with our own work, or maybe that’s just me…I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to read it again… a lovely compliment…xx


  2. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed when I eventually got over here Pen, very evocative poem. Does it mean we are really ALL specks of star matter, How lovely that sounds, floating around in lovely space till we find our niche.
    Don’t forget to take Bess along though. nuzzly hugs to her.XX


    • WE are Star Dust, and it does sound lovely and exciting Arlene, and maybe back to space dust we go, flying about the Milky Way, finding answers to Life and it’s meaning, finding the beginning of all things, or just finding Peace, who knows? Exhilaration I feel!! (my tribute to Yoga of Star Wars fame 😀 )


  3. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Hugh has one rule for himself and a lot of rules for everyone else!

    You are right of course – we’re not supposed to say bad things about the dead – but I believe that it is what we leave behind that matters and Roy was a petty, malicious, self-centred, egotistical bully and a liar…

    Yeah world peace seems a lifetime away – all we seem to see is more and more death and violence…

    I have a headache too – I often wake with one – so I suggest Paracetamol rather than Asperin as it’s not as rough on your stomach…

    Love and squishy hugs!



    • I find Paracetamol takes ages to take effect for me Sir Prenin, I usually use Anadin Extra, BUT last night I tried a Covonia Cough sweet and it cleared my airwaves so well I felt it blew my headache out of my head…and as for breathing in? Wow!! after the initial ‘strange’ taste it was almost enjoyable …(I hope I’m not hooked!!!) 😉 fingers crossed for the lottery..(I know gets boring saying it again and again, BUT you never know what wishing can do..!! Force of mind!! ) hugs to you.,.xx


  4. Your poem makes me recall a saying “Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.” I can’t remember off hand who said/wrote this unfortunately. But, I believe being human, is simply a shell for who we really are. The shell protects the nut from the world around it. The fruit conceals it’s real purpose, to spread the seed. The cocoon protects the butterfly while it’s transforming. The “human condition” simply protects, conceals, and helps transform what we really are. A divine soul.
    Truly a wonderful written piece here Pen!


  5. Your inspirational field is bursting with
    excellence my great friend… Keep your
    metophorical pen flowing as there is some
    wonderfully written work happening right
    now… And it’s all on your Space…

    Androgoth XXx


    • lovely compliment Andro, just glad you enjoyed the read…and I do hope my pen continues to flow.,..sometimes I wonder where the ideas come from…but then maybe best not to delve and go with the flow…xx


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