A Question or Two….

Love and Romance

If one loved you once, can one love you twice?
If Love tastes like Heaven,
does Heaven taste nice?
If ones love is worth their weight in pure gold,
would their worth be cherished,
or just quickly be sold?
If one was in love with two at one time
Would that be plain greedy
or prove simply divine?
If love were to last your whole life long,
would it stretch out too thinly
or forever prove strong?
If Loves labours were lost, were they ever found?
if no-one went searching
could they be lying around?
If Love is proved blind, is all hope then gone?
or do you continue to love
and simply carry ‘one’?
If this one is posing too many questions just say
I’m too busy to find answers
now just please go away!!


LadyP © 2011


52 responses to “A Question or Two….

  1. Great writing my friend , having been married three times I can say that yes you can love again but as you age it gets harder to love as trust is eroded with each experience , out of three marriages have I loved? yes , have I been in love and truly loved?yes
    But only once
    Ian aka Emu


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