Blinking Obvious…


Sighing deeply she left their meeting place,
not sure of the time, quite unable to trace,
the facts of the why, the where and the how,
Of her love, and her life, where was he now?


Crying bitterly she walked the path snaking long,
if the place was right, perhaps the time was wrong?
for if it be wrong, then no-one was at fault
if she’d misunderstood, her sad tears would halt.


Here by the river, was just right she was sure,
the time? looking upward into sunshine pure
shining blindingly down, so her eyes they did weep
with fresh tears, leaving iridescent trails on her cheek.


Flushed from emotion, almost too strong to bear,
She cried as she stumbled, never fated to hear
the call far away, as her love shouted a warning,
she drowned never to see a new day dawning.


The moral of this tale if you need to be told,
in sunshine, wear sunglasses, if you want to grow old!!

LadyP © 2011


55 responses to “Blinking Obvious…

  1. Yes, most people have their own personal STYLE of writing—wasn’t referring to that, so much…but whatever the style it should be honest…TRUE (in the sense Hemingway means it “writing one TRUE sentence”) that applies to everyone…stylistic variations notwithstanding.


  2. ps

    I am no longer “choco”. Found I didn’t care for that theme and have chosen a new one.


  3. Ah, a twist in the tale! Never saw that moral coming! Great poem, very clever!


  4. Seth@ChaosHQ's

    Couldn’t help but think of the catchy tune….”I wear my sunglasses at night..” while reading your mini story.
    I have to say, just when I think i know what you are going to write next, you do throw me a surprise. That’s what I really like about your poetry and stories… your originality and twists. Keep writing Pen!!


    • Seth@ChaosHQ's

      Yes I do wear them (my sunglasses) outdoors ALL the time, my light sensitivity will give me migraines squinting in overcast skies and in winter the reflection off the snow can be more blinding than summer round here.


      • and sorry to read of your migraines Seth, …they sound quite vicious ones, I get terrible headachey/face pain ones but not the full blown attacks…Take care and wear the ‘specs’ xx


    • many thanks Seth, for your lovely comment and compliment, makes it all worthwhile….the twisting I mean.. 😉 … Glad you enjoyed the read…xx


  5. Seriously Pen I dont need one, thank God I am not at that stage yet :p


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