Mad Hatter…..

Mad Hatter 2

~~“How much for this?” ~~
~~I said to the man ~~
~stood behind the stall~
~by his little white van~
~He followed my gaze~
~ and eyebrow raised~
^^he said “it’s free to you, should you answer true^^

Mad Hatters Hat!!

I stared eyes wide
but couldn’t decide,
then he further said
“first idea in your head?”
so I answered him true,
~~“How mad are you?” ~~
^^he said “It’s yours free as you truly answered me”^^

and that’s how I came by this top hat!!

Mad Hatters Hat!!

LadyP © 2011

46 responses to “Mad Hatter…..

  1. Oh it’s fantastic! I’m at a strange fair that came out of nowhere, utterely mesmorised by the man in front of me…who’s slowly turning into an…eeeeks!


  2. oh wonderful – i love the rhymes.
    i guess what they say is right – the truth shall set you free or get you a free top hat.

    loads of fun to start my day, thanks Pen, always a pleasure.


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