Reflecting Moon…

Owl and Moon....

The moon nearly quarter full that night,
only sharing a watery silvery light
helping the man as he made his way
along a path on which nature held sway

Owl and Moon....

He walked alone head filled with thought
Eyes cast inwards, he nothing sought
As the Owl flew past soundless in chase
hooting his reality in the man’s pale face

Owl and Moon....

A start,  finally waking to senses clear
the man looked about, but nothing near
to recognise or to show the way home
he was drenched in the past, hope was gone.

Owl and Moon....

The moon nearly quarter full that night,
only sharing a watery silvery light
helping the man so he could finally see
moonlight shining through him, a ghost he be….

LadyP © 2011

49 responses to “Reflecting Moon…

  1. Hi Pen! 🙂

    My cough is responding to the Benylin and I’m pretty much over the cold!

    Glad you had a win on the Thunderball – I haven’t won a sausage in years! 😦

    Yeah it’s always the way… Listen and pray they fix the problem.

    Right now it looks VERY bad and this is not yet as bad as it can get – that’s when the cores melt down and burn their way through twenty centimetres of steel containment to the ground water .

    Needless to say I’m praying they stop this before it’s too late…

    I agree about dieting – I AM trying, but deliberately going without food for days at a time so I’m constantly hungry is a reminder of very bad times when I was a child and later when my Income Support didn’t come through because the DHSS screwed up and I almost starved to death!

    OK so I was down to two crusts by the time I got help, but it gives you some idea of how it felt…

    Love and squishy hugs!



    • Yup Sir Prenin, the tenner win will go towards the next weeks tickets so not bad eh?
      Starving to death is not an option 😀 , so just you take care now and make sure you’re eating right…xx

      Owl and Moon....


  2. Wow, I love this! I never saw that end coming, though the whole poem had a nice eerie feel to it. Great work Pen!


  3. you write so brilliantly!!! you inspire me to do more poetry!!! thanks


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