The Loving Cup


Rossetti  The Loving Cup

Durst thou take a drink from the loving cup?
Should It pass to thee, wilt thou take a sup?
Once having supped wouldst ye forward it hence
to slake the whole World, for it’s need is immense…


LadyP © 2011


60 responses to “The Loving Cup

  1. What a lovely idea.
    I look forward to the cup reaching me.


  2. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, Amen indeed!!!

    A lot of prayer is needed my friend – 180 people working at Fukushima Daiichi are accepting high levels of radiation exposure and that is never good!

    Like the Fire crews of Chernobyle they are making the ultimate sacrifice…

    The reactors were built to withstand an 8.5 Quake and survived a 9.0 quake, but what they didn’t plan for was the tsunami which drowned the diesel generators.

    They have tried to restrict information because the situation is dire, but things are now so obviously bad that not talking about it is making people even more fearful!

    Everything I have written was culled from online sources, each with a fragment that added to the whole.

    What the puzzle spells out is that Japan is in serious trouble – and this will affect the future of nuclear power world wide…

    I must admit Gunther had a potent way with words!!!

    Here’s praying it all works out in the end…

    Love and hugs!



    • I think the whole world is now waiting and watching developments, Sir Prenin, and of course praying… we always find a chance to pray when the going gets tough … Hugs back atcha my friend..x
      The Loving Cup


  3. I would like to think that there’s hope for the human race,
    I hope one day we all realise that we need to share and care about each other.
    I guess at the moment it’s probably just a dream to think that way Pen, but who knows?
    Here’s to the future !

    Gary xox


    • very true Gary, hands around the World, sharing a message of togetherness, for we are not single entities who can survive alone, we need each other in order to live and survive. Many a dream has come true, maybe this one will if we believe strongly enough?…. Here’s to the future , my friend. xx
      The Loving Cup


  4. The world indeed is in need of the loving cup… After all the events happening n the super moon theory am rethinking about 2012 n the mayan calender… Hope all the pain n misery ends soon… Short n sweet poem but with a lovely msg… xoxo


    • me too Mystique, so much pain is being felt at the moment, it must resonate around the World…my thanks for your lovely comment, and pleased you enjoyed the message wrapped in ye olde Englishe….xx
      The Loving Cup


  5. I couldn’t agree more with what everyone is saying! We could all use a little sip from that cup during this time–especially what with the demonstrations, wars and disasters. This is such a lovely and touching poem Pen! Short but sweet and absolutely perfect!


  6. Loved the idea of loving cup – the potion humans need more than ever….I’m glad I came across your site Pen
    Great poetry around here…
    Have a peaceful friday


  7. …wouldst ye forward it hence
    to slake the whole World, for its need is immense…

    The two points beautifully fit together; not so much that one has “tasted” of what is meet and seamly, but carries with it an affirmation, one soul to another. This is good. It is, as a matter of fact, the purpose of all affirmation in the collective sense. We can do no better with one another than to share what transcends the shackles of this world. Too, the simplicity of the statement, “for its need is immense,” no one could fail to see unless of course, he sees only within the senses.

    I like this.


    • many thanks Once, for your comment… very much appreciated … For some reason the whole poem turned into olde englishe…. it seemed to marry the feelings/emotion together so well. Sometimes so much can be said with so few words. xx
      The Loving Cup


  8. The cup of the Holy grail.
    Lost in mystery lost in time
    My cup runneth over sayeth the father
    Yet holds the elixir to mankinds woes
    A thought provoking post dear friend


    • pleased you enjoyed the short poem, and it’s message Ian, and many thanks for your lovely comment, a Holy Grail indeed, would that we could find it and if found use it well…xx
      The Loving Cup


  9. Just a little love goes a long way in this cold hard world. It may spread thin on bread but the slight taste sure tastes good. Peace be with you.


    • I agree Stuart, so many opportunities we have, to be able to pass on the love of mankind to others, and we sometimes fail, and sometimes fail miserably…
      Good to see you again on WordPress, my friend… Peace be with you too. x
      The Loving Cup


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