The pick pocket smiled as he reached swiftly inside
the old ladies handbag, it was left open quite wide..
He had seen something glinting, probably quite rare
He knew he wanted it and besides, she was not there.


The old lady smiled as she stood by the room door
watching the young man,  who was a thief for sure
searching for valuables,  taking anything he could
her money,  her broach,  and an old carving of wood.


The pick pocket smiled casting his eyes around
quite sneakily,  as a small mouse making no sound
and strange it should be that was how it came to pass
as a mouse,  changed and squeaking, truly cursed alas…


The Carving was special,  been in her family for an age,
gifted to them personally as they’d helped an ancient sage
He told them of it’s power, it’s protection as a shield
from people as the pick pocket, it’s magic would wield.


A warning to all thieves and pick pockets out there
should you steal from that Old lady, I offer, beware
you may end up as a little mouse squeaking and afraid.
The curse will lift eventually, but for you ‘twould feel an age..

LadyP © 2011


50 responses to “Beware….…..

  1. great read!
    and nice blog btw, love the spooky background 🙂


  2. hahaha! oh another wonderful one, Pen, thank you for the literary justice this morning!


  3. I do love the idea of the shield and the not-completely-permanent punishment.


    • ah yes, Monica, I had to think of a deserving punishment which might, just might, change a persons bad ways, without it being terminal? 😉
      Now wouldn’t a shield such as this be …. helpful? 😀 Many thanks for your comment my friend..x


  4. Nothing I like worse than a thief…and nothing I like better than a great story. Still you combined the two and made them one with an ending that was Justice done. Reminds me of some of the Grimm’s fairy tales! Great fun.


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