Teddy Smiles…

Man United Teddy Bear...

The Teddy Bear sat with his back against the wall
high on the Ottoman from the ground he looked tall
he was only 18 inches and he knew he couldn’t grow
but he was really big on smiles and love he could show.

Teddy Bear scruff 
There was no-one to hold him,  so no-one to care,
there was no-one to see him,  so he just sat there.
Simply longing to be loved,  just waiting for play.
His owner had grown up, her childhood faded away.

Teddy Bear scruff 
Suddenly a sound,  small childish hands picked him up
cuddled and loved him,  he just couldn’t believe his luck.
He felt renewed,  full of wonder and what meant even more,
wanted, and his stitched smile grew much wider than before.

Teddy Bear scruff

LadyP © 2011


48 responses to “Teddy Smiles…

  1. I enjoyed the story of the Teddy being finally accepted for his unspoken love , never had a Teddy bear ,just my thumb hehehe


  2. love this!
    this is exactly why i cuddle my plushies every day when i’m around – they are dear, dear friends who need love and cuddles too! yes, i have hugged my plushies today!


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