Her Maj…..



…As I listen to you breathing and moving on the bed,
so many different thoughts are drifting around my head
thoughts of a young puppy, so young with curly tail
and now you’re so much older and so very, very frail.
As I watch you struggle daily, much slower than before
my eyes fill with sadness and with tears but I am sure
as you try to climb the stairs, on your own without my aid
you are much stronger than me, ‘cos I am very, very afraid…

LadyP ©2011


52 responses to “Her Maj…..

  1. Bess is such a lovely dog Lady Pen, much more
    than just a pet she is everything to you, a best friend
    and she is priceless. Nearly fourteen years old now
    and what a long and very happy life she is having, a
    life where she is loved and truly cared for. Have a nice
    rest of day Lady Pen and try not to worry so much over
    your sweet Bess, time is something that we can share
    with our best friend, and those memories shared lasts
    for a whole lifetime.

    Be well now…

    Androgoth XXx


    • my thanks Andro, … yesterday was a bad day, for her so therefore for me. (and now the flipping tears start again) I know I should be strong but when I look at her, my heart just reels from the pain of what’s to come and wondering if I’ll be able to cope. At the moment I’m just tired after two nights of unrest, hopefully that’s over with for a while, as she seems slightly better.
      Many thanks for your words of comfort, much appreciated and taken to heart, and I will be well, as will Bess, for now..xx


  2. Hi xPenx,
    Thank you so much your precious time for explained to me”How do we know when you’ve up date?.”
    I appreciates it very much.
    Have a peaceful weekend to both:-)


  3. I read this late last night and couldn’t bring myself to respond. Lovely poem brings a lump in my throat . I know exactly what you are going through dear friend. Good to hear Bess has picked up a little today Hugs Sheila and Wile-e xx


    • Sheila, your response has brought me to the point of tears again, happy ones though. I know you understand, as I do about your reaction. Hugs to you and Wile-e from me and her Maj..xx


  4. Thinking of you and beautiful Bess. Those eyes, and that nose. That happy spirit. Be well, Bess and Pen.


    • We’ve both just been outside in the garden Monica,. Bess being so wobbly on her feet, I know I said I was accepting, or almost there, but I just wish I could do something for her… And saying that, she’s now ‘woofing’ at the bottom of the stairs, as the ‘something’ she wants me to do is carry her upstairs…Easily done, Bess., easily done… Thank you for your lovely comment my friend..xx


  5. Enjoy every precious moment, Pen. I listen to one of mine breathing every night, also. They teach us stages and I am ever-mindful that, even in the struggles there is a truth about this thing we share of life. Beautiful outcry of compassion and I think I will go and get a tissue, now. Love to you both.


    • Thank you for your wonderful in sync with my feelings comment Leslie, and I’m always counting myself lucky that her Maj came into my life., without her I feel it would have been so empty. Unconditional love is a wonderful thing to experience…Pass me a tissue please!! 🙂 xx


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