Misty Moisture…


Old Oak Tree,1

Hazy mist clung to the high branches of the Tree
forming globes of moisture to drip down on top of me
as I sheltered from the wind,   also from my thoughts
I looked round about me and before I knew it was caught
by the beauty of my surroundings, a balm to my mind
Nature and it’s healing powers helped me to unwind.
Gave me back my sense of being, my sense of soul
showing what was lacking in my life as a whole.
All as I stood there beneath the Old Oak Tree,
letting the misty moisture drip down on top of me.

LadyP© 2011


51 responses to “Misty Moisture…

  1. Nice sensory images, Pen. Nothing like being immersed in he beauty of nature to put things in perspective. bb


  2. Bravo, I really liked this one Pen. I can feel the emotion from your detailed decriptive writing… I can almost picture myself under that tree. I am all for sitting under a tree, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s not much more relaxing than just enjoying the sounds of nature… taking in the beauty that surrounds us that we take for granted.


    • I was there Seth, and to be able to describe the emotions felt at the time, seems second nature to me, I love to just ‘stare’ and think a lot… some say I think too much, but how can you? The thought process goes on whether you take part or not 😉 … Pleased you enjoyed the visit to the Tree..xx


  3. myworldfulloflove

    Love your poems, thank you for sharing them, they are so beautiful 🙂


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