Thinking Thoughts….



   I was thinking       
                                 about Death,
       then I thought
                     as I’m thinking
                                                     about him
                                Is he thinking
                                                                            about me?       
                                              LadyP © 2011

49 responses to “Thinking Thoughts….

  1. Seth@ChaosHQ's

    Not only does he think about me, he has my number. I just hope that he doesn’t come calling any time soon. I would much much much much much much much much much much much much much rather live. There are things that I do want to do and places I want to see… I would feel ripped off. 😦 (I’m going to be really spooked if my phone rings in the next few minutes).


    • OOOoops, maybe you should go ‘unlisted’ Seth, or is Death all knowing? So , so Unfair . and I do hope the phone didn’t ring, and doesn’t for a long, long while to come … (um, a direct call from Death I mean , not that you don’t ever get any phone calls, that’d be daft!! 😉 ) xx


  2. Yikes Pen I have so much I want to do in this life yet, more to see to do etc etc, nice undies he has a sense of humour ….. I think. Hugs Dear Bess and yourself enjoy your Sunday .xx Sheila and Wil-e xx


    • I think we all have many years left Sheila, before we stray into the thoughts of this fella, (fingers firmly crossed) …Have a wonderful Sunday , you and Wile-e both, hugs from me and Bess.xx


  3. Short and scarily to the point! lol Thanks for the smile (oh, and the shudder!) xx


  4. ha ha – your mind works in very interesting ways 😀


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