Self Talking…


Self Talk

There’s a reason for the thrumming 
I hear constantly in my head,
There’s a reason for the thoughts
at least it shows I’m not dead
so when the voice that’s there
sometimes leads me astray
like a naughty companion
present each and every day
I know full well it’s only me,
thinking thoughts in my brain
sometimes serious, sometimes funny,
sometimes making me wonder if I’m quite sane
for talking to myself
every now and again.
Is it normal, is it natural
does sanity hold the key?
I ask myself the question,
and the only one who answers is me…

LadyP© 2011

MY thanks to everyone for your good wishes and thoughts about my girl, Bess. For the past week or so I’ve been reading up online trying to find out any information I could re:- kidney disease and how to counteract it. High protein diet, for one, and I’ve also been told about Cranberry supplement, for the Urinary tract,  plus so many other tips from the local pet shop and friends and family. Today was the first time that Bess looked at all like herself, no pain, eyes bright and totally focused whilst playing, (just a small amount Arlene. xx).. and I know that the future may be rocky but she’s steady for now.  So Bess is happy and relaxed, therefore my ex and I are feeling that way too.  For now my fingers have relaxed from their constant ‘crossed’ position, and I am learning so much more about how to cope for the future… Again my thanks to everyone, you have helped enormously with your good wishes.  So, hugs and woofs from me and Bess… xPenx

54 responses to “Self Talking…

  1. Hi Pen! :o)

    Yes, why use lab animals when we have virus writers??? 🙂

    It gets me pretty peeved too, but they are hard to find, harder to convict – unless they hack government systems in which case the Powers That Be go after them all guns blazing!!!

    The Americans are the worst when it comes to persecuting people who find easy access to poorly protected US sites and go after them with blood and death on their minds.

    If the sites aren’t adequately protected then what do they expect – next time it might be the Al Quada Hackers Collective… 🙂

    The virtual home is looking good so far – I plan on fitting the bathroom with a Jacuzzi and some exercise gear so I can exercise my mind! LoL!

    Oh for a REAL drink!!! Everything I’ve had from ‘Iceland’ has been artificial crap with a dreadful taste – next time I’ll got to the old PO and buy some REAL booze!!! LoL!!!

    I slept really well despite not being on the meds and got up easily, but I can’t stay off them for long – past experience has proven this…

    Love and hugs!



  2. I talk to myself all the time
    & all I say comes out in rhyme! 😉
    Glad to hear Bess is better.
    Take care… xxx


  3. interesting poem, excellent news.
    happy to know that Bess is doing better…holding good thoughts for you both.


  4. Glad to hear the good news! I’ll keep praying for Bess.


  5. Apologies, I’ve been away and didn’t know about what happened to Bess. Good to hear that she is better, hope all is well.

    Lovely poem, I know I have many voices in my head, I constantly talk to myself, and I enjoy doing so too! I don’t think we are insane for talking to ourselves, I’m sure everyone does, just many do not admit it. 😉


    • methinks so too, dp, voices can be a help sometimes. and many thanks for your best wishes about my girl Bess, she’s improved slightly but her underlying condition remains worrisome. BUT come what may, I’ll look after her… thank you for your lovely comment my friend. xx


  6. Such wonderful news about Bess! 😀 xx


  7. thanks Chloe, all the best to you my friend. xx


  8. I just saw your blog and I never knew about Bess, but I’m glad to hear she’s better now and I hope she’ll always be.

    This writing resonates with me. I loved it! ❤
    I don't think talking to ourselves makes us insane it's so normal AND healthy…Everyone else does it but they just refuse to admit it! 😉


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