My Girl….

Bess,  Painting by Arlene

My heartfelt thanks to all who have been asking about My Girl, I have the saddest of news to report, in that we had to take her to the PDSA yesterday, as an emergency it being a Bank Holiday, and they checked her over and found her kidneys had almost failed completely.  It was time to say goodbye to my beautiful, brave girl and we did, my ex and I, with tears and heavy hearts as they gave her the final injection.  We brought her body back to her garden and she is now buried behind the Yew tree where she loved to sniff and play.

We are in total shock and disbelief but we knew the time had come to let her go, as there was no doubt she was in pain and there was no way back. For the past week we had been trying to help her regain her appetite, feeding her everything tasty we could think of, but to no avail. Tears have been shed by the bucket load and are not far away every minute I think of her, and I want to thank Arlene especially for the wonderful painting she did of My Bess which I have been staring at and remembering Bess as she was, bright as a button and forever playful.



89 responses to “My Girl….

  1. Oh, Pen. I am so, so sorry. I cried while reading this.

    Lots of hugs and love to you, my friend.


  2. Sorry to hear about Bess, I really hope that you’re hanging in there fine. Time will make things fine, so just hang in there. I can understand your loss, it feels terrible to lose a close pet. Take care, and cheer up


    • Thanks dp, I’m trying, and time will help I know. It’s just the realisation that she’s actually gone, and will never pat my knee and ask to be lifted up and hugged, and I won’t feel her soft fur against my cheek, or hear her woof in greeting and see her tail wag as I open the front door. God, It’s so, bloody hard. xx


  3. Dear Lady Pen,
    It has taken me awhile to get to this one…my heart is heavy here. The loss of our companion, our beloved pet is as painful as any loss can be. She was here with you a long and wonderful time….you were so fortunate to have had each other.
    Isn’t it adorable how they know and study every move and every breath we take. Reminds me of the song:

    I believe will be wagging her tail at your side for always.
    smiles to you,
    Raven xox


    • I’m crying my eyes out here, Raven, ’twas four weeks ago she left, and it’s like I’ve lost a special light in my life. I keep telling myself we shared nearly her whole life on this earth, and I should be thankful for that, and that she’s no longer in any pain, but still I mourn and the tears fall when I talk about her.
      Sheesh!! I’m running out of hankies my friend. Many thanks for your caring comment. Hugs to you and yours. xx


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