I awoke with a question
on the tip of my tongue,
as I sat up it fell off then
rolled away, leaving me to
ponder with no answer to
come,  such a perplexing
start to the day!!
Inverted Q Mark



56 responses to “Perplexing….

  1. Just found your blog through a mutual friend. Lovely work.


  2. Ha, ha, Loved it |Pen, and so true to life.
    sorry i haven’t been around, but \I think you’ll understand. things, just things,
    Sending you lots of hugs from me to make up for the ones I’ve missed .
    Tango and Ruby send sloppy licks to dry your tears,


    • It’s very strange Arlene, now and again I feel I’m coping so well, then just reading something as lovely as your comment and off I go again. Stupid I am!!
      I do understand my friend, and I feel your pain too. Hugs to all three of you, and special ones to Tango from me and I’m sure Her Maj would add hers if she could. Have a lovely week-end. xx
      Inverted Q Mark


  3. hehe this would lead to a very questionable day! lol great stuff


  4. I’ve always got many questions to ask, the I never get around to asking them, maybe one day… You’ve a good sense of humour in your poems which I like….


    • Glad I am that you do, Lovely Lady Jude, … like my poems I mean, sometimes I find just the right note, at others it seems I can only go the way of the flow of words, be it dark or light. Questions, I have many too, but the answers are few… Many thanks for your comment my friend. xx
      Inverted Q Mark


  5. Starting with all the questions,
    lingering in your mind,
    Presents many opportunities,
    for the answers you might find,
    In contrast if you start with answers,
    To questions you could ask,
    You might find that confusing,
    Daunting is the task.

    Dear Lady, may your questions and answers be perfectly matched, your concern and compassion for others continue as always, and the love you show to others be returned tenfold.


    • Answers first, Dan, then questions later, sounds fool proof my rhyming friend. I bet I could mess up the system though. 😉 … Many, many thanks for your comment and compliment which are both greatly appreciated. xx
      Inverted Q Mark


  6. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, a Pastor has indeed declared that today is the end of the world so people are arranging old shoes and clothes on gardens and street corners – just to throw a scare into the believers!!! LoL!!!

    One guy has been taking money to rehome pets that are left behind – and has said there will be no refunds!!! LoL!!!

    Now all we have to wait for the Earthquake and the arrival of Jesus – if he does show up the Catholic Church is going to crap bricks!!!

    Love and hugs!



    • The arrival of Jesus, Sir Prenin? I bet the Catholic Church would definitely produce bricks out of their behinds, (and there’s another miracle eh?) … As Jesus was affected by the money lenders in church what the heck would be his response to the wealth of ‘HIS’ church whilst thousands upon thousands are left poor, destitute and starving? Doesn’t bear thinking about.
      I keep winning small amount’s my friend, and whilst I feel lucky to do so, Oh for the big one… Only if I’m worthy of course, goes without saying 😀 xx
      Inverted Q Mark


  7. The more thoughts that are housed in one’s brain, the more likely one is to be a bit scattered, LOL. Happens to me all the time. Menopause – mental pause. 😛 (At least in my case – you’re way too young yet, Pen.)


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