Things are different           
       things have changed
                  with alternate decisions
                           would life re-arrange?
                                    No standing still
                                               not an option at all

                                               constant movement
                                    no chance to stall
                           keep a tight reign
                  stay focused inside
             thoughts are on track?
      hang on for the ride.
LadyP © 2011                          


66 responses to “Progress…

  1. Ein ganz ieben Gruss lasse ich mal hier Gislinde


    • HI Gislinde, many thanks for commenting, I tried a translation site and it didn’t help, :-
      “A whole seven chronological greeting I will talk , ” I think something was lost in translation, but greetings to you too… xx
      Dragon tear


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Yes my insides are back to normal, but too late to go shopping so I will be going at 7am!

    Crazy I know, but usual when the kids are on holiday – we have a generation of little nonsters and no mistake!!!!

    Yeah the weather is weird – we had torrential rain here yesterday and now they are talking a drought – Nature does indeed have a ‘dry’ sense of humour…

    Love and hugs!



  3. Yes and the ride so far has been a most excellent
    one Lady Pen so keep up the great work …

    Onwards and Upwards…

    Androgoth XXx


  4. A perfect reflection of how I’m feeling right now, Pen – but you’re right – “standing still, not an option at all”!


    • HI there bb, so many things can unsettle and make us wonder at the future, and what’s the best course to take… Mayhap we could do a trial run? 😉 Take care my friend, and may your options be good ones… xx
      Dragon tear


  5. Ahhh, & what a ride! 😀 xx


  6. Pen, I LOVE this. Life as constant change; there’s no choice in the matter. I once read that intelligence is the ability to adapt. I have also read that violence (i.e. change) is at the core of the universe. You have said it all and so beautifully!


    • Hi there Monica, change as you say is inevitable, we can kick against the traces, but we must adapt and go forward, or …nothing can work, seat-belt attached? on we may be a bumpy ride my friend. 😀 xx
      Dragon tear


  7. By the skin of our teeth, 😉
    Peace to you, xx


  8. There is no progress without movement…I mean that sounds obvious, but if you apply that to our lives too then it holds a lot of meaning. Like with our goals, we have to keep on chipping away at them, otherwise they won’t happen!

    Great poem my friend – love the light tone you’ve applied to this important subject 😀

    Chloe xx


    • many thanks for your comment and thoughts Chloe, and I do so agree, stagnation ruins our souls, we have so much growing to do during our lifetime, not just physically, but we need recognise our potential and act upon it. Happiness is finding out who we are and what we can achieve. xPenx
      Dragon tear


  9. Up beat and smiling I hope for you now Pen great little poem .Time does move so fast it’s hard to keep up sometimes, sharing my hugs with you. Sheila and Wile-e 🙂 xx


  10. Wonderful poem Lady P! Love the energy. Life continues to always hold changes for us, hopefully always for the better.
    Big hugs,
    Nikki x


  11. Yes! everything quickly changes faster and sometime it happens in over night.
    I notice that I have a bad news about my friends.
    hope changing to nice progress. I don’t wanted stays still hang on for ride toward to progress.
    You are very hot in your new post that is very good.


    • thank you for your lovely comment my friend, Michiko San, and I don’t think the ride will go on for too long, or be a bumpy one, so you’ll be quite safe. 😀 … have a wonderful week-end. xx
      Dragon tear


  12. Good advice, thanks. You never know what life will throw at you. 🙂


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