Halo, Halo…


I polish my halo daily.
It still refuses to shine,
I acquired it second hand
from an old friend of mine.
He swore it was truly genuine
’twould regain it’s golden lustre
should I be pure in word and deed
not just prove handy with a duster…..


LadyP© 2011

59 responses to “Halo, Halo…

  1. A second-hand halo? I’m shocked….I’m gonna get you a NEW one. 😉 xxx


  2. Hi Pen! 🙂

    I’m not only eating slowly and chewing my food – I’m scraping the tray for every scrap!

    Trouble is I had some bad years where food was hard to come by and this is all a reminder of the bad old days…

    Yep: The economy is a mess, so knock 1p off tax and that’ll kick start the economy – yeah like really… 😦

    Cameron has an ass suitable for booting, but to be fair he inherited a poison chalice because Labour tried to spend their way out of trouble.

    On the plus side Northern Rock will earn a billion and we’ll still be able to turn a profit on the business the government still controls – we can wish, right??? 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs!



    • hi Sir Prenin, … they’ll keep making us tighten our belts so much, no-one’ll be able to afford food…. Forced diets here we come…. Hugs to you, and have a great week-end, happy racing… xx


  3. Hi xPenx,
    I don’t think a good idea to used metal polish though it is a bit harsh for your dear halo’d? mind was just okay pretend to be still shiny ???


    • Hi Michiko San, hope you had a wonderful holiday, and good to see you back here. I think you’re so right, I’ll just forget the polishing and ‘think; mine shiny!! 😉 xx


  4. I guess you are not polishing to a high enough standard yet then but hey I could always lend you some Mr. Sheene if you like, and then your Halo will shine brightly in no time at all, well if you are good I mean, and I don’t necessarilly mean with the duster…

    Hey, was a joke that… lol

    Androgoth XXx


    • Mr Sheene is worth a try Andro, I’ve never been good at polishing and duster use, I always try to cut corners, 😉 … being good as gold is one option, then my halo won’t slip… Hope you and Jen have a wonderful week-end my Gothic friend. xx


  5. My halo has no shine and keeps slipping down around my neck
    Maybe its trying to tell me something


  6. I love this poem! I’m so glad I found your blog! will be visiting frequently!!


  7. I need lots of polish..lol
    Have a great weekend Pen 🙂


  8. So someone gave up the halo – too much responsibility? Glad to hear that keeping a clean house won’t polish it up.


    • Oh yes, Monica, my friend assured me it was genuine, but I don’t know if they gave it up um… willingly? 😉 … and no matter how many good thoughts I have, it doesn’t seem to make a difference, maybe it a one owner type of thing? xx


  9. lol! I lost my halo many, many years ago.


  10. I would run out of polish very quickly, LOL. Love your magic light on the right, Pen. Have a good weekend!


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