Red Gate

my dream
there is a gate
I go thro’ quickly,
I don’t wait
ever onwards, walking fast
it seems no earthly shadow cast
alas my footsteps start to amble
held by clinging mud I scramble
slipping and sliding, starting to fall
there seems a voice, an echoing call
mud pulls me down, I take no breath
and just before I’m claimed by death
a light shines as I’m pulled from harm
a cloak wrapped round to keep me warm
a voice says loudly, ‘Why didn’t you see
the Red warning notice put there by me?’
I shake my head,  my sad gaze to the ground
as I’m suddenly aware of a loud mocking sound
I know it so well,  being doomed to never escape
I look Death in the face, … I am wearing his cape……
my dream
there is a gate
I go thro’ quickly,
I don’t wait….

LadyP ©2011








48 responses to “Gate….

  1. Quite a dark poem Lady P… Hope things are going well at home for you….
    We have a tendency to write about the moods we are feeling, I do I do sometimes…


    • It is dark, Lady Jude, and maybe I feel a bit down lately, still feeling the effects of losing Bess, so sometimes when I sit down to write there could be a dark streak which takes control. Overall though, not feeling too bad, Life goes on regardless of what happens to us all. xx


  2. Like that awful feeling when you’re falling in a dream and then suddenly wake up, Pen


  3. So, my dearest talented Pen – are you telling me that the amazing shape of your words was not intentional? Holy macaroni! It’s amazing regardless. And your words are just fantastic…perfectly depicting the frustrations of a recurring nightmare…

    Chloe xx


    • How could I lie Chloe?.. 😉 … the shape on this one was definitely intentional, at first I tried for a cape shape, and then, well, fancifully it looked to me as a bell? as in ‘The bell tolls for thee’ kind of thing. … I’m glad you enjoyed it, as it seemed to just flow… sometimes if I try to make sense of it before I’m finished.,… it is finished .. as a poem I mean, from the start. … I have to leave it and come back to it at a later date. I do have , or used to have, a recurring nightmare, but once I had my Bess for company it disappeared, so I have been free of it for quite a while, since losing my girl I’ve wondered if it will return. Hence this poem. almost daring it too, I suppose. xx


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