Wet ‘n Windy…

Wet Weather
                               The wind is so breezy                              
                                       the day seems so cold                                     
                              yet the summer is here                           
                                   or so we’ve been told,                                   
                               It’s threatening to rain                             
dark clouds overhead
                              maybe I’ll just turn over,                          
have a lazy day in bed.
LadyP © 2011

48 responses to “Wet ‘n Windy…

  1. LOL. Sounds exactly like the weather we are having in Toronto, Canada 😛


    • Hi Debbie, we’ve Sunshine at the mo, but it can change so quickly to storms and showers…So we enjoy it when we can. 😀 , have yourself a great week-end my friend. xx


  2. When a day storms in,
    Face it with a grin,
    Take another wink or two,
    Rest is good for you,
    Sleep til two if you choose,
    Go ahead, snooze,
    Dream of storms and showers,
    Dream of having super powers,
    But get some rest,
    You know it’s best,
    Enjoy your weekend, dear Pen,
    The sun will shine once again.


    • I will Dan, I will, the showers have passed and the sun is shining brightly,
      and have yourself a great week-end my friend, I’m off to buy some flowers for the garden. Hopefully I’ll see a butterfly or three fluttering about them soon. xx


  3. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, we’ve not had ANY butterflies this year and the bug count of any kind is ‘way down – apart from a few moths it’s been a bug free summer…

    Love and hugs!



    • makes me wonder what’s going on Sir Prenin, Birds needs the flies, gnats and other insects, as do spiders, the circle of the food chain seems broken…I do hope it can be fixed…or else who knows where it’ll end?/.. xx


  4. I know this is a little late (and for you I hope the weather has righted itself and summer has made its presence known) but if not… Send the cold breeze this way please! 😀 It’s so stifling hot here it’s almost suffocating (especially with the humidity)! It too makes me want to spend all day curled up in bed in my air-conditioned room!


    • IT had righted itself, Andini, but yesterday was a total washout, thunderstorms, heavy rain, so much that it was just a sheet of water falling, and then it stopped , the sun showed it’s face, then back to thunder again. As if Mother nature was caught in a loop…. Air conditioning is worth it’s weight in gold I feel, 😀 xx have a great week-end my friend. xx


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