Last Flight…


Butterflies gif

Butterflies gif
sigh as they die,
emitting their sweet
swan song, does the
air resonate with echoes  
when life is finally gone?
From smallest to
largest, all
had chances to burn bright.
Now they take to the heavens
sighing, flying,
as moths into the light
LadyP© 2011.

52 responses to “Last Flight…

  1. Fantastic, otherworldy post!


  2. Love this poem and the Blue Butterfly holds a special place in my heart as do all. They are and endangered species in the US. Such a lovely and appreciated creature.


    • I so, so agree, Raven, without these beautiful creatures the World will be a much darker place. … I do hope they continue to flourish somewhere without the threat of extinction. xx


  3. PS. love the graphics too!! 😀


  4. btw im loving the graphic content of ur blog!


  5. summer breeze

    A Beautiful poem Pen, it would be nice just to see
    I hope your week is a good one,


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