Olde Love….


Love Never Fails... 
There was a Time
I loved thee more
now I love thee less.
There was a Time
thou filled my dreams
one dost need confess
emotions drifting
without knowing
as a sigh fading,
no love flowing
`Tis a failing in me
or couldst be thine.
Life hath lessons to teach
Prithee, accept this one of mine.
LadyP © 2011

48 responses to “Olde Love….

  1. Hi Lady P,
    I enjoyed reading your Olde love poem, there’s such a charm in the olde english language, almost like each sentence is a poem in itself.
    Hope you’re having a wonderful summer week.
    For you http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u205/nh07/0005tag.gif
    Big hug, Nikki


    • Hi there Nikki, many thanks and glad you enjoyed the poem, I love trying out the olde ye englishe .. 😀 … The rains held off for a week or so now, so British Summer time has taken off!! 😉 .. …hope you’ve had a wonderful week my friend. xx


  2. Ah my friend…these are bittersweet words of love and the path it leads us to is not always the one we thought we chose. We do learn from each person we travel with. I suppose that is the gift of each relationship.


    • True enough Raven , my lovely friend, sometimes as you say, it’s not who we meet but what we learn from them that matters, and should a relationship fail it’s never good to wish that it had never been, but that we accepted the failure and moved on. hugs to you. xx


  3. The love is a most of a beautiful things BUT sometime disappearing …
    And never love again though in the way just likes flowers?? after years time blossom again then it was a beautiful than first ones LOL!!
    I look at my dictionary for look at few word “thee, hath” 🙂
    An old English, hope not too many xpenx 🙂
    you have a nice day.


    • I try to use Older English now and again Michiko San, it’s not too different from the up to date words, … and I added a link on the picture and by clicking it’d take you to a site which explains the words such as Prithee… 😀 … Sometimes love fades just as you say, like flowers, and they bloom again. have a wonderful week my friend. xx


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