Safe & Sound …Part 2…


I came too and all about me was darkness and an eerie bone chilling silence.  I suddenly realised I was lying on a cold stone floor and hastily scrambled to my feet, whilst wondering where JD was … Surely Fyrespike had been able to compete his magic spell and I was on the Island complete with my travelling companion,  somewhere hot and totally steamy?  My mind started to wander and I’m sure my eyes were starting to gleam, when a faint sound alerted me I was not alone. JD?… I tried so hard to see through the gloomy darkness but I couldn’t tell if I had my eyes open or closed. as it seemed such a complete  blanket of blackness.  I reached out all around me, feeling relieved when my fingers came in contact with an uneven stone wall but alas, the feeling didn’t last long,  as instinct or something warned me not to utter a sound, not to do the usual  ‘Is anyone there?’ query those people in horror films always call out.  I moved my feet cautiously, or so I thought, but I seemed to be standing on pebbles and I couldn’t move without a crunching noise issuing forth.   A loud scraping sound made me freeze where I stood,  and I felt my heart fighting to leave my chest as I tried and failed to hold my breath, another scraping sound followed by a deep gruff voice cursing  ‘Damn and blast it’ and I knew it wasn’t JD’s lovely voice.  It sounded more… Dragonish?  … but before I could feel any j0y I suddenly realised it wasn’t Fyrespike’s usual dulcet tones either. ‘ Where on Earth ?’ …  but before I could finish my thought a light from some source suddenly lit the room… and I could finally see where I was, in a cavern, a massive underground cavern, and my eyes opened wide in horror as I viewed the candle lighter,  a gigantic old looking Red Dragon, curled on top of a huge mound of twinkling gold and jewels, and hastily looking down at my feet I saw my pebbles were in fact all manner of coloured precious stones. 


His large beady eyes were rested on me, whirling with anger, (I have no idea how they whirled, but I assure you they did)  they were bright red for danger and I was the sole target of his rage.  “Where have you come from and what do you want in Gregoryks Cavern?”  his loud gruff voiced almost blasted in my ears,  also making my eyes water with the stench of his breath which wafted in a few seconds behind his words.  I assumed he was Gregoryk, or else he was helpfully Cave minding? … I coughed and tried desperately to clear my throat enough to speak, finally able to gasp out loud “My name is  Lady Pen, friend of Fyrespike”   and I added for good measure even though it wasn’t true, “ and of Kalaseru his mate”  A loud rumbling noise shocked me enough to make me hastily back away a few steps, but then I stood my ground in amazement as he opened his long muzzle wide, showing me his darkened but still sharply pointed dangerous looking teeth, as he laughed, coughed heavily and then laughed again, so hard this time that his eyes now a light golden colour, ran with tears. “Oh my, that’s a good one” he  growled  again but thankfully in an amused tone,  “A friend of my daughters you say? Now that I find hard to believe”  and my heart sank to my shoes and I waited, for what I do not know, but I seemed to be flying from one dangerous place to another … and suddenly my wayward mind grasped what Gregoryk had said, he was Kalaseru’s father?   ‘Oh my indeed…whatever next?’ ……


to be continued…

LadyP ©2011

46 responses to “Safe & Sound …Part 2…

  1. Can’t wait for the next installment! You are so very talented, Lady P. 😎


  2. Looking forward to the next installment, LadyP. 🙂


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