Mind Switch…

on the light
in the darkening
room, to be able to
see and thus banishing
the gloom.  I wonder in
the far future what our
light source will be?
Perhaps controlled
by our
telekensis telekinetically.
LadyP © 2011

66 responses to “Mind Switch…

  1. Maaybe the stars do light
    in our houses to burn bright
    not by coal burnt or even an atom split
    mankind may have it built
    the power mind that surpasses all
    natures way a time for trumphets call


  2. When our light source is gone, do you think anybody will be here to even know? Great writing!


  3. Ha Ha!!! 🙂

    Love ya babes!!!



  4. The power of the mind is truly a wonder to behold, right?


  5. I know my lightening source, its my passion..for reading, writing, discovering, wading through thoughts. same i can say for u too. and this wont diminish, ever-thats the beauty of noble passions 🙂


  6. There’s a very high amt of power hidden within us n if only we realize it maybe controlling everything around us by just our minds would be possible..
    Sorry about the delay in the comments.. Grandpa passed away 2 weeks back.. Been travelling..
    Hope you are enjoying your day..
    Sheena xx


    • So sorry to hear of your loss Sheena, my sincere condolences to you and yours.
      and yes, I feel there deep inside us is the answer to most of our problems, and the ability to do spectacular and amazing things. xx


  7. Interesting theory, Lady P. Must admit I had never thought of it. Always enjoy your writings. Cheers!


  8. I wonder too! Lady Pen, what if blinking our eyes with a smile and the room lights up. We have powerful minds…blink smile for you,
    starlight comes with a double blink and a smile of course!
    warm feathery, Rx


    • we may never know the full extent of our powerful and complex minds Raven, they don’t understand as yet all the Brains functions, just imagine if we could unlock the secrets held within? … blink blink and the whole World might light up with smiles too of course my lovely friend. xx


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