Ever Silent…


The Owl sat under the desolate Moon,
hungry and cold,  clothed in gloom,
watching, listening for a signal to fly
silent and deadly, death from the sky.

The mouse, senses warned not to stir
not even to twitch his nose in the air
a hunting Owl was somewhere near
filling him with such trembling fear.

The Owl took flight, ever silently so
gliding from his perch , swooping low
snatching the mouse who had no chance
he was food that night,  life and deaths dance.

LadyP © 2011


48 responses to “Ever Silent…

  1. its just the natural cycle of life, one eats other n the other preys on the next one….sounds cruel at time but one has to live with this,
    beautiful poem!


  2. Good poem about the cycle of life Lady P


  3. Hi Pen! 🙂

    Yes, we live in a rich country while others live in grinding poverty, so it’s no surprise that they will do ANYTHING to get here!

    As long as there are poor people on this planet they’ll head to the West for a better life…

    Yes, we had poverty here too and it looks like the government is trying to take us back to Dickensian Britain with workhouses and dire poverty grinding down the poor until they’ll take ANY job just to stay fed and clothed…

    I am wealthier than I have ever been on Incapacity Benefit, so I am happier than I have ever been, but I see people rioting and stealing to order, trashing shops full of designer goods and then you hear how one woman was from a wealthy family etc. and you wonder why they do it???

    Oh well!

    Thanks for the kind words hun and God Bless!



    • ok Sir Prenin, always great to visit and catch up with your day… and trying to understand why people do the things they do always is a headache in itself. …. hugs aplenty my friend. xx


  4. It is a dance…all the way. Winning, losing, living and death. A lovely thoughtful poem…and the Owl is a mysterious creature.


    • He is truly a wonderful design Raven, and whoooo can resist them, looking into their seemingly intelligent and beautifully framed eyes? … The dance of death goes on…winners and losers…those who forget the steps find themselves sitting the next dance out… xx


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