Alien Eyes….


Deep Space Probe... Will
we live to regret
launching space probes to the skies?
Thereby mapping Planet Earth to inquisitive Alien eyes…
Giving them cause to watch and wait in wonder, to see what Humans do
as onwards we blunder.
we live to regret reaching deep out into the Universe?
Aliens or Humans whichever could turn out worse?

LadyP © 2011


59 responses to “Alien Eyes….

  1. what more can be done
    if we can’t search out frontiers?
    move forward in darkness
    and confront all our fears?

    move forward and test
    worlds that may be like ours
    boundaries that lay ahead
    beyond pluto and mars

    if in life we believe
    no matter what we find
    either human or other
    another leap for mankind


    • Another leap forward, cursi, but should we have our eyes open or closed to the possibilities that no-one ‘out there’ would want to associate with Hostile and suspicious human kind? We haven’t a good record to date for peace keeping… Mayhap we aren’t grown up enough yet to have the Alien Welcome mat ready… Loved your poem… xx


  2. Man with never be happy until they find another life form on another planet, maybe we just don’t like to feel as if we are alone in this big universe of ours… Lovely rhyme Lady P….


    • thank you for your kind words… 🙂 i’d like to believe that at the end of the day, there is more good in our hearts than bad. maybe the aliens are just waiting until we pass this awkward teenage phase and just, as you say, grow up…


    • My thanks Lady Jude, and yes, we always want to reach out and find answers out there, and for others who we can hopefully bond with and share knowledge… pleased you enjoyed this one my friend. xx


  3. i hope if there is another race they are human like us but no flaws like ours just good kind generous loving humans who value each other dont want much do i lol?


  4. Very insightful writing Pen , we have already opened up our world to each other that techonology is now causing problems to humanity , what would aliens make of this planet and turmoil when they see we are not in accord as humans on this planet


    • Pleased you enjoyed reading this one Ian, and yes, we cause so many problems on earth for ourselves, myhap another species would turn tail and run for now… maybe in another few hundred years or so.? xx


  5. I loved this! I’ve often wondered if man would regret his forays into the heavens. Personally, I’ve always been against it… xx


  6. I like this poem, Pen. My Granddaughter and I watched “ET” together a couple weeks ago. She, finally old enough. She got it as she looked at me after it was over and told me she would be right here and pointed to my heart rather than my head. Sometimes, we earthlings need to find room for that a bit more. Good poem.


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